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We are an inclusive learning community.

Inclusion is at the heart of who we are, as a school and as an international community. From Admissions to graduation and beyond, our commitment to inclusion is more than meeting the learning needs of every student - it’s about embracing diversity. It’s about belonging.

Inclusion in our school celebrates the talents and diversity of students and acknowledges every child should be empowered and successful in their learning. We believe that opportunities should exist for all our learners to grow and achieve. All students have the right to realise their full potential. This belief embodies our school’s Mission and helps drive our ongoing Strategy. NIS is proud to be an inclusive learning community and is committed to honoring inclusion through our approach to teaching and education every day.

Our Journey of Inclusion

Since crafting our Mission as an inclusive learning community, NIS has been on a journey. We accept students with mild to moderate support needs with our Admissions team always viewing applicants from the perspective of whether they can thrive at NIS. Our commitment to student learning needs is a crucial element for every one of our students to feel welcomed, valued, and accepted. We are proud to have neurodiverse graduates amongst our alumni.

A Look Inside JEDI at Our School

JEDI is how we are realizing our mission of inclusion at NIS.

JEDI at NIS is our commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

The JEDI initiative underpins our school's everyday practices and principles. With an understanding that an accepting and inclusive environment is essential for learning, NIS strives to build a sense of belonging for all members of its community. The Jedi Taskforce at NIS, comprising teachers and students, works to amplify diverse voices within the community and remove barriers to inclusion. This approach emphasises collaboration and belonging, distinguishing between merely fitting in and truly being part of the community.

NIS's strategy for inclusion is operational through various channels, including Learning Support Services, English Language Learning teams, and proactive counseling programs that focus on the holistic development of students. The school's dedication to these values of JEDI is not just theoretical but practical, with efforts to ensure every community member is seen, heard, and valued, and to create pathways for personal excellence by removing access barriers. This focus on inclusion drives our school's commitment to student learning needs, ensuring every student feels welcomed and valued.

How We Define Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI)

Learning Support

Our Learning Support Services team is comprised of specialists who work throughout the school with the common goals of providing targeted support to students, working with families on individualized learning plans, and collaborating with colleagues on how best support all learners.

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English Language Support

The English Language Learning team is comprised of specialists who work throughout our school to providing targeted support for English language learners. In Primary, ELL teachers are integrated into classrooms, supporting English acquisition within the context of the regular learning environment.

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The NIS school Counselling programme is proactive in nature, focusing on the academic and social-emotional development of the whole child from Pre-K to Grade 12. Our University Counselling Programme focuses on the overall personal development and wellness of our students.

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