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School Governance

NIS is governed by a volunteer board of elected trustees that is guided by the best interests of our students, parents, and staff.


School Board

Our Board is a mixture of parents, staff and members of the NIS community. The Board is responsible for policy decisions and decisions at a strategic level, following NIS's mission and founding principles to ensure the smooth administration of our school.

The Board and Director have different, but complementary roles. The Board selects and hires the Director. The Director selects and hires the staff. The full NIS Board meets a minimum of 5 times during the School year (August to June) including an orientation and training program early in the school year. The Board does most of its work through standing committees (Finance and Governance) which meet as required during the school year. This includes overseeing the work of the School Director, planning for future school developments, and ensuring the the financial stability of NIS.

A Non-profit, Independent School

NIS is a not-for-profit, independent school which means we value transparency and use all school fees for the sole purpose of benefitting our students. This is a unique approach within the context of profit driven international schools in Nanjing. We are 100% owned by our parents, and our school's volunteer Board is a key part of maintaining our status as a non-profit organisation.

The Board is entrusted with making sure we remain faithful to our mission and values, while ensuring NIS is well-managed and has a secure future. We do this in close partnership with our School Director, who is responsible for running the school. We are proud of what NIS is but we never stop striving for continued improvement to benefit our students.

Julia Güsten
Board Chair

The Association of Nanjing International School

All Parents and Board members are members of the Association of the NIS. An Annual General Meeting of the Association is held in September each year at which the Association reviews the previous year and the Board Chair and School Director present the plans and approved budget for the forthcoming year.

The NIS Board is a hybrid Board with the majority of members being elected by members of the Association of the NIS to govern the school in partnership with the NIS School Director.


We are an inclusive learning community. Inclusion is at the heart of who we are, as a school and as an international community.

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Accreditation & Non-profit Status

We are a fully internationally accredited, non-profit Pre-K to 12 school. NIS is fully committed to external accreditation with the most highly regarded US, European and Asian based organisations.

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Mission, Strategy & Our Story

We don't just want to follow our mission and award-winning strategy. We want to bring them to life.

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