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NIS Nanjing International School 30th Anniversary Logo

Primary School Weekly Bulletin

Primary School Weekly Bulletin | June 10, 2022

From Our Primary Principal

So concludes our 2022-2023 School Year together! Today we celebrated our time together with the Primary Assembly and with the added treat of our parents joining us for some student performances, readings, and fond farewells.

May your holiday be filled with all the relaxation and/or adventure you seek. Don’t forget to read during our long break! Studies have shown how reading during holidays helps prevent “summer slide,” where students can lose up to 20% of what they gained in reading during the school year. Parents can support their children by keeping their brains active over summer. Our school librarian, Ms. Angela Romero suggests the following:

1. Let children read what they want. Children will be more motivated to read and will enjoy reading more if they like what they are reading! Give them options to choose from. The school subscribes to Tumblebooks and Sora for ebooks and audiobooks. Encourage kids (and yourself) to try different books by playing reading bingo.

2. Get out of the house. Visit a museum, go to a historic site, go to a park and read! Talking about what you see and do helps develop vocabulary, activates prior knowledge, and encourages curiosity.

3. Don’t forget to play. Puzzles and games, whether online or offline, are a great way to stimulate the brain.

4. Use your imagination. Kids are developing new skills, building on prior knowledge, and expanding their vocabulary when they play with legos, pretend to be chefs, or become superheroes saving the city.

I would like to share my personal thanks and appreciation to the NIS community for the past four years we have shared together, and wish the new Primary Principal, Ms. Jacqui Patrick, a warm welcome and transition. 

Until we meet again...

Adam Dodge 

Primary Principal

First page of the PDF file: Summer-Reading-Bingo-for-Kids-by-Imagination-Soup-min

NIS Podcast: New Primary Principal, Jacqui Patrick

Join us as we get to know Nanjing International School's new Primary Principal, Ms. Jacqui Patrick, including her background and teaching and leadership philosophy.

“Children are amazing. Their capacity to learn, and think, and create, and grow and experiment – it’s there. And we have to protect it, and we have to spark it, and we have to grow it.”

Ms. Patrick will be our new Primary Principal. She is presently Elementary Principal at an international school in Beijing. She has a Master of Teaching and a B.A. in Sociology both from the University of Sydney. Ms. Patrick has previously worked in IB schools in Suzhou, Nanjing, and Indonesia, including NIS. As an NIS alum, we are delighted to have Ms. Patrick back at our school. She will be joined by her partner Mr. Jamie Watson, who will teach at NIS. Ms. Patrick is Australian.

Nanjing International School is excited to welcome 18 new faculty into our inclusive learning community for the upcoming 2022-23 school year. This diverse, knowledgeable, and passionate group joins us across our Primary and Secondary school sections, with many exciting additions in counselling, learning support, and teaching in PYP, MYP, and the DP. These professionals complete our fully staffed faculty of 91 educators from 20 different nationalities for 2022-23.

Visit our podcast page here to learn more and subscribe.