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All School Weekly Bulletin

All School Weekly Bulletin | November 26, 2021

MAP Parent Coffee: Learning Snapshots 

Primary: Wednesday December 1  

8:30-9:30am Large Group Room 

Secondary: Thursday December 2

9-10am Large Group Room 

Come along to learning more about MAP tests and how they fit into our overall approach to student assessment in the Primary and Secondary Schools! 

Please contact kassonbratton@nanjing-school.com with any questions. 

From AdenEdge, Our Food Service Provider

Next Week's Set Menus (November 22-26)

Early Years

Grade 1-12

Food Tasting on November 30


SMS Test Notice

Dear Parents,

An NIS Bulk SMS Test will be held on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 10am.

The message will be: "NIS Code Test for ALL School - this is a test of our SMS system"

If you do not receive this SMS test on your mobile phone, please log into Veracross and click on” Update Family Profile” on the right hand side.

It is important that in the unlikely event of an emergency we are able to contact you.

For any questions, please contact Ms. Wendy Huang at wendyhuang@nanjing-school.com.

From Our Facilities Office

Campus Access Updates

According to the recent spread of the COVID-19, we are updating and putting emphasis on access management for all community members entering NIS.

NIS Staff & Students

  • Temperature check
  • Must wear school badge

NIS Parents

  • Temperature check
  • Green sukangma 
  • School badge, (Any parents who need to go beyond the Centre access gates need to be be approved by SET/Kasson)

Other NIC Members: 

  • Temperature check
  • Sukangma
  • Green Travel Code (At present, access only for “Baby group” activity)

Visitors & Suppliers & Maintenance Personnel

Below information should be included in the content:

  • Visiting Schedule(time)
  • NIS main contact person
  • Visitor’s name and contact information

In addition:  

  • Temperature check
  • Sukangma 
  • Green Travel Code & ID card / Passport Registration at the school main gate

We will also check NIC member and visitor travel history at school main gate according to the risk areas identified by the government. Those who have travel history in risk areas during the periods stated will not be allowed to enter into school.

Parking Updates

Temporary parking only for pick up and drop-off.


Since Monday, November 8, our school HAVC system has switched to heating mode.

Many thanks!

NIS Facilities

New School YouTube Channel!

Visit our new YouTube channel, complete with all the cool new videos we've been making. Great new content will be added frequently. Don't forget to subscribe!

TEDx Youth@NIS: Calling all Speakers!

Technology. Education. Design. TED fever has begun once again at NIS.

TEDx Youth@NIS burst onto the scene in 2016, impassioned tales of hope, endurance and sorrow. Since then, the event has been going from strength to strength. Our speakers are mostly from the community. We have had captains of industry, award-winning journalists, architects, Buddhist monks, A.I. developers, organic farmers, art therapy practitioners, font specialists, linguists and musicians. Yet the most awe-inspiring of all have been our very own students, those who have an idea so burning, so bright, so downright essential for the living of a good life, that they have given a talk of their own.

Back on the calendar for March 5, 2022, the TEDx Youth@NIS Team is eagerly awaiting your idea worth spreading. If you would like share your idea worth spreading, please contact Trinaryan@nanjing-school.com.       

School Fees Collection Date

Please be informed that Nanjing International School has issued invoices for Semester 2 of School Year 2021/2022 on Friday, October 15, 2021.

All parents have received an email with the PDF invoice attached and are responsible for payment of fees.

The total school fee must be paid by the due date November 26, 2021.

If you plan to leave NIS, please send your leave notice to admissions@nanjing-school.com.

When appropriate, please pass this information to your company's Finance or Human Resources department and arrange for the payment to be made by the due date.

You can also view your child(ren)'s school fee invoice in Veracross. The instructions are below:

1. Log into Veracross Parent Portal: http://portals.veracross.com/nis

2. Click “Billing/Invoices" to view the Billing Account.

3. Click "View" to view and "Print to PDF" to save the invoice as a pdf file.

Please contact me if you require further assistance.


Arek Owczarek

Director of Operations and Finance


A Message from Our Nurse

Dear Parents,

There have been a few cases of head lice reported at school recently. We would also ask that you check your child’s hair at home and do not send them to school if there are signs of head lice.

The information below will hopefully, answer any questions you have with regards to this harmless, but annoying problem.

What are head lice?

The head louse is a tiny, wingless parasitic insect that lives among human hairs and feeds on extremely small amounts of blood drawn from the scalp.

Are lice dangerous?

Lice aren't dangerous and they don't spread disease, but they are contagious. Their bites may cause a child's scalp to become itchy and inflamed, and persistent scratching may lead to skin irritation.

How do I detect head lice?

  • Wash the hair using ordinary shampoo, then use a wide toothed comb to straighten and untangle the hair. It is easier to do this with wet hair, and using hair conditioner.
  • Once the comb moves freely through the hair, without dragging, switch to a fine tooth comb. Make sure the teeth of the comb slot into the hair at the roots and draw down to the ends of the hair with every stroke.
  • Check the comb for lice after each stroke as you work through the hair section by section, so that the whole head of hair is combed through, then rinse out the conditioner and repeat the combing procedure in the wet hair.

How can I treat head lice?

After a head lice infestation has been confirmed, you can treat the lice at home by wet comb using a head lice comb or medicated lotions.

Medicated lotion or spray

Medicated lotion or spray is an alternative method for treating head lice. Medicated treatments should only be used if a living (moving) head louse is found.Follow the instructions that come with the medicated lotion or spray when applying it.

Further details on head lice can be found on these websites:

Ellen Zhang

NIS School Nurse


NIS Attendance Notification Procedures for Parents/Guardians

What do you do if your child is absent, late, or needs an early dismissal?

NIS Attendance Notification Procedures 中文 | 한국어

Flipster App

Flipster has various online magazines students and parents can access. Take a look!

Flipster App Instructions

School Year 2021/2022 Front Office Schedule

With additional responsibilities and changed layout, please see the revised School Year 2021/2022 Front Office Work Schedule and Procedures.

Operating Hours

School Weeks:

The Centre Front Desk:

  • Monday to Friday: 7:30am-6:30pm
  • Saturday: 8am-4pm

Main Building Reception:

  • Tuesday to Friday 2-4pm

Photocopying and Printing:

  • Submitted work will be completed in 5 working days.

Mail & Packages:

1:30-2pm daily, delivery to the Mail Room

Holiday Weeks:

The Centre Front Desk:

  • Monday to Friday: 8am-4pm

Information Updates in Veracross

Please ensure that your family's passport and contact information is up to date in Veracross. For guides on how to check and update this information in Veracross, please refer to the links below:

For more information on Veracross, please visit this page, or contact it-help@nanjing-school.com.

Vidigami at NIS

All of our NIS school photos are available on our sharing system, Vidigami. Vidigami is a world-leading private social platform exclusively designed for schools.

For new parents and those who need a refresher on the system, please watch the videos below. If you do not see an invitation in inbox by the end of the month, please check your spam folder. If you have not received an email, please contact wickychen@nanjing-school.com.

About Vidigami and Getting Started

Using Vidigami Training