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Student Experiences

10 sports. 150 different activities to choose from. Pre-K to 12 Swimming programme. Dozens of student clubs and service opportunities. The Arts for all ages.In the pursuit of creating balanced lifestyles, our inclusive Activities Programme provides opportunities for our students to participate in a range of activities that help them discover, develop, and pursue their passions. 

In addition to Athletics, Swimming, the Arts, and Service, Student Activities take place outside of the classroom and are as diverse as our NIS community. These vary from year to year based on student demand and teacher passion and expertise. Learn more about our co-curriculars and how Activities helps facilitate our holistic approach to learning.

A Look Inside Our Activities Programme

NIS offers a wide range of inclusive extracurricular activities for all our students, including sports, arts, and community service, inspiring our students to exercise Student Voice and Student Choice and Burst the Bubble.

Ruth Clarke

Anna Yuen

Activities Director

With many years of experience in teaching and co-curriculars, Ms. Yuen leads our school's Activities programme.

Opportunity. Passion. Inclusivity.

NIS offers a wide range of activities and experiences for our youngest in Pre-K to our oldest in Grade 12 with the goal of providing them with opportunities outside the classroom to achieve personal excellence, develop creative thinking, and promote international mindedness.

Activities are an integral part of the overall education process at NIS. 

In a safe learning and playing environment, students explore their passions and can develop leadership skills and camaraderie while exhibiting teamwork, respect and commitment. The activities we offer are as diverse as our community. They vary from year to year based on Student Voice and Student Choice, as well as teacher passion and expertise.

Our Philosophy


Nanjing International School offers students at all grade levels opportunities to participate in 10 different inclusive, competitive sports.

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Swimming and aquatic activities form an integral part of teaching and learning, athletic competition, and community life at NIS.

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The Arts

The inclusive Arts curriculum at NIS allows for both responses to and the creation of artwork, whether musical or dramatic.

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Student Activities

Our Primary School offers diverse activities, including culture, crafts, performing arts, and sports for Grades 1-5. In Secondary School, students engage in clubs, performing arts, and service to develop skills, interests, and leadership opportunities.

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Service is an established part of our IB school curriculum for all grade levels. We believe that involving oneself in and out of school in service activities adds to one's personal excellence and further develops NIS as an inclusive community.

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Community Activities

Our Community Activities Programme has been designed to support all members of our NIS Community. There is a wide range of activities throughout the school year for parents and students.

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