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Nanjing International School
Nanjing International School
Nanjing International School

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Nanjing International School

Burst the Bubble

We want our whole community to connect across cultures and perspectives. We want our students to be equipped with the skills that allow them to burst the bubble when they find themselves outside their comfort zone: when they start out at university, work, or any other new environment.

To burst the bubble is to be equipped with the skills that connect learners with nature, people, culture and places.

How are we making this happen at Nanjing International School?


Create Solutions

We develop and learn from innovative solutions to local and global issues.

Seeing success stories inspires our own innovation.

Make Connections 

Our learning is enriched through authentic connections to nature, people, things, and places.

Serve Others

We prepare learners for a life of civic and social responsibility.

We empathise with others to create a better reality for everyone. Learning with and about others also helps us learn more.

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Student Voice & Student Choice

Our school is empowering our students by involving them in the decisions about teaching and learning.

Strategy Pathways

Our 8 Strategy Pathways act like filters to change and amplify what helps us achieve our Strategy goals and ditch the things that don't.