English Language Support

Nanjing International School is an English medium school, as such, all lessons, apart from other language courses, are taught in English. Teachers take the language needs of all learners into account when teaching their lessons. All teachers are responsible for ensuring the needs of English Language Learners are considered when teaching.

There are Language Support specialist teacher working with students throughout the school. The majority of support happens within the context of mainstream lessons.

Language Support teachers support class teachers as well as taking part in collaborative planning and teaching. They help to prepare resources for the language needs of students and incorporate appropriate content in their lessons.

Given this level of support, it is expected that students who have little or no prior knowledge of English will take between a year and two to reach a good communicative level in all aspects of the language.

Students with a good communicative level of English will take a further 2 to 3 years to achieve a good academic command of the language equivalent to a native English speaker. All students are different and there will be variation between individual students.

Our support of English Language Learning is part of the school’s comprehensive Language Philosophy.

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