Online Application

Notes to read before you start:


We estimate that the form may take around one hour to complete.

There are nine sections, all of which must be completed before submission.

They are : Household, Applicants, Schools, Siblings, Parents, Medical, Learning, Agreements and Confirmation.

Please read the instructions carefully at the start of each section.
Under the Parents’ Section – it is important to add the details of BOTH PARENTS.

You will notice as you go through the form that some sections are marked with a red dot and are compulsory – others can be left blank.

If you cannot complete the whole form at one time, you can save the file and it will be emailed back to you for you to complete at a later date.

You can fill out one application form for several children. You will need to be able to upload copies of your child/children’s passport picture page onto the form. Please make sure that you have these in the appropriate format ie PDF or JPEG on your computer beforehand, so that you can access this information easily whilst completing the form. This is a compulsory part of the form. The parents’ passports are not needed.

There is also a place where you are requested to upload your child/children’s school reports. However, this is not compulsory at this stage and can be done later or sent directly to the Admissions Department. If the reports are not in English we will need a certified English language copy.

When entering personal data, do not worry if this will alter on arrival here in Nanjing.

Once your children are enrolled in the school our data system “Veracross” will allow you access to check, alter and update all your personal information e.g. mobile phone numbers and home address.

If you make a mistake or need to alter any of the information you have entered, there will be an opportunity once you have finished the form to edit your information easily. You will also be able to print off the form when it is completed in PDF format.

Please enter the country and area codes for any telephone numbers you give us.


If you have problems with the Online Application, use button below to email our office about applying to our school.

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