Fees for new students and fees for returning students below.

School Fees 2017/2018 for new students
GradesSemester 1Semester 2Annual
Prek( arrives in 1st Semester)92,47577,475169,950
Prek( arrives in 2nd Semester) 92,475
K1-G8 (arrives in 1st Semester)118,300103,300221,600
K1-G8 (arrives in 2nd Semester) 118,300
G9-12 (arrives in 1st Semester)138,96082,640221,600
G9-12 (arrives in 2nd Semester) 118,300
Book Deposit (refundable) 830
Admission 800
School Fees 2017/2018 for returning students
GradesSemester 1Semester 2Annual

Bank Transfer Information

There is a non-returnable admission fee of RMB 800 per child which must be paid before your application can be considered.

  • Students in Grade 1 to 4 have to own an iPad.
  • Students in Grade 5 to 12 have to own a Macbook.
These can be purchased through our school or independently. Please contact our Admissions Office for up to date price lists and current specification requirements .

Students from Grade 6 and above are also required to purchase a calculator. Once again this can be done through school or before your arrival. Full details will be given once your application has been approved.

Parents contribute to the costs of the German A courses offered in Grades 6-10. The amount varies per semester depending upon the number of students enrolled in these courses.

Parents of Grade 12 students are responsible for the payment of the IB Exam fees

A re-enrolment fee which is a minimum school fee payment of RMB 25,000 is required for returning students to ensure their place in the grade for the 2017/18 school year and this is applied to the school fees as above.
  • The fee must be paid by 14th April 2017.
  • The total school fees must be paid by the due date 31st May 2017.
  • The re-enrolment fee which is a minimum school fee payment will be refunded in full if the Admissions Office receives written notification on or before the 9th June 2017 of your intention to leave NIS. After this date, it will not be refunded. The leaving notice must be sent to the following email address :

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