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Welcome to the Middle School

Here at NIS, the goal of our Middle School is to cultivate principled, courageous, creative thinkers who are equipped to prosper in an internationally-minded world. In grades 6-9, we recognize the unique needs of middle-level learners, and, as such, couple robust Advisory and Co-curricular opportunities with a rigorous academic programme aimed at inspiring and supporting students throughout this exciting stage. We aim to provide learning experiences in a wide variety of contexts that encourage our students to make connections to themselves, to other subject areas, to their host nation, and beyond.

Our Middle School curriculum is based on a combination of clearly defined Student Learning Outcomes and the inquiry-infused International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme.Grade Level Overviews provide a detailed breakdown of what is studied at each grade level. These and other school documents can be viewed via the links below. All students in MYP are involved in Service Learning which raise awareness of community needs and builds confidence in their ability to bring about change.

Ruth Clarke

Head of Middle School

After many years of teaching Humanities and History Ruth now leads educators in the Middle School and works with students to strive for personal excellence through the development of a rigorous academic programme.



In the Middle Years Programme, students study subjects in eight areas:

Languages A (English A, Mandarin A, Korean A, German A): G6-7Criteria ; G8CriteriaG9-10Criteria

Languages B (English B, Mandarin B, French B, Spanish B) : G6-7Criteria G8Criteria ; G9-10Criteria

Humanities: G6-7Criteria G8Criteria ; G9-10Criteria

Science: G6-7Criteria ; G8Criteria ; G9-10Criteria

Mathematics: G6-7Criteria G8Criteria ; G9-10Criteria

Design (Computer Design, Product Design, Media Design): G6-7Criteria G8Criteria ; G9-10Criteria

Arts (Visual Arts, Drama, Music): G6-7Criteria ; G8Criteria ; G9-10Criteria

Physical Education: G6-7Criteria ; G8Criteria G9-10Criteria

Grade Level Overviews


In the Middle Years Programme, teachers use a wide variety of methods to regularly assess  understanding of student learning outcomes by applying assessment criteria established by the International Baccalaureate. This means that teachers measure student achievement against specified subject criteria. Assessments are posted on Veracross and grades and feedback are available to students and parents through the Veracross parent portal. Discussions about assessments take place with parents during Three Way and Student Led Conferences. In addition, NIS holds internal examinations for all students in G7 – G9 twice a year.

In the Semester reports, teachers indicate achievement for each criterion in that subject area. These criterion grades are then combined to give a 1 to 7 FINAL GRADE using IB published grade boundaries. Students are eligible for a number of awards in each grade level.

Grade 9 student grades are recorded as credits on the transcript for their High School Diploma.

Grade Boundaries


First page of the PDF file: Awards-at-NIS-

Parent Access to Teacher Planning and Curriculum Documents

Parent Atlas Login Parents of enrolled students ask your child’s Advisor for the password. Prospective parents contact admissions