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Discover China

Our incredible Discover China Week allows our students in Grades 5-12 the opportunity to link classroom learning with real-life situations. It also aims to broaden students’ experiences and knowledge of China, connected to our school Strategy component of “Burst the Bubble.” The goals of this exciting programme are:

To engage with China.

This is both in terms of regional arts, history, and culture, and, most importantly with its people.

To bond with peers.

outside the classroom door, students shine in different ways. For new students in particular these trips help forge new and lasting relationships.

To have an adventure!

Every Discover China incorporates a degree of discomfort and calculated risk. It may be in terms of being away from family, living conditions that may be unfamiliar, and/or activities that may challenge students mentally or physically. 

A Look Inside Discover China: Grade 5 Trip

Past Trip Destinations