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NIS Nanjing International School 30th Anniversary Logo
NIS Nanjing International School 30th Anniversary Logo
NIS Nanjing International School 30th Anniversary Logo

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NIS Nanjing International School 30th Anniversary Logo

The Arts

The inclusive Arts curriculum at NIS allows for both responses to and the creation of artwork, whether musical, dramatic, or through the visual arts.

The arts are a universal form of human expression and a unique way of knowing that engage us in affective, imaginative and productive activity. Learning through the arts helps us to explore, shape and communicate our sense of identity and understanding of the world, while providing opportunities to develop self‑confidence, resilience and adaptability.


In Drama, our students have a multitude of opportunities to pursue their performing talents out of the classroom as well. All Primary students perform in at least one production and all Secondary students can perform in several productions and activities throughout the year. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Secondary Production
  • Accidental Theatre Company
  • Service Drama Club

There are also opportunities for students to be involved with the running of performances working as Stage Managers, Theatre Crew, Front of House and set, prop and costume design and making.

International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA)

NIS is an active participant of ISTA. We regularly attend Primary and Secondary School ISTA events in China as well as hosting ISTA events. Visit www.ista.co.uk to learn more.


Music education at NIS is enjoyed from Early Years to Grade 12 that focuses on building practical playing skills within authentic contexts. This is accomplished through two areas – inclusive classroom curricula and after school activities. Teacher-directed activities focus on skill-building. Student-directed activities cover ensemble work, including rock bands, drumming clubs, DJing, and chamber orchestras.

All of this hard work is showcased in a variety of performances throughout the school year. Since NIS focuses on student-led inquiry, some students choose to organize their own concerts – this teaches them valuable skills in not only performing, but also in booking venues, organizing tickets, arranging publicity and more.

Private tuition is available only through independent Nanjing conservatories and NIS is happy to provide contact details to those wanting music lessons.

Secondary School Music Activities Grade 6-12

  • Choir
  • Symphonic Band
  • Advanced Orchestra
  • Chinese Drumming
  • Korean Drumming
  • Rock Bands

Some student-led performances support other areas of the school, such as when rock bands play at hosted events. Our mission focuses on international mindedness, and as such its musical programmes seeks to engage with the local communities. The ‘Arts in the Community’ programme allows students to perform at a variety of local venues, including the Amity Benefit Concert, NIC Holiday Benefit Concert, Ting Ting Deaf School, local Chinese Kindergartens, and more. All of these performances lead to the end-of-year final performance, which is a formal evening entitled “A Little Night of Music.”

Visual Arts

Our students can participate in activities outside the classroom and after school that are designed to develop skills and self-confidence in visual arts, regardless of any prior experience. This includes the opportunity to create and display their work at school, have it published in school publications, and share their knowledge and creativity.