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NIS students are involved in a range of Athletic conferences.

We take part in a wide range of sports. Currently this includes:

Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton, Swimming, Track & Field, Cross Country Running, Table Tennis, Golf, Softball and Touch Rugby

The most important aspects of all our programmes are learning and participation through a philosophy of inclusion. Coaches will do their best to ensure that this philosophy is at the heart of their programme. Sportsmanship and fair play are central to what we teach our athletes. At CISSA level, equal inclusion and participation are fundamental and, as we progress through SCISAC, SISAC and ACAMIS programs, the balance of playing time may change to reflect the more competitive nature of these events.

Click on the Conference and Association links below to see the affiliations for each one and how we participate.

Danny Clarke

Activities Director

Member Athletic Conferences and Associations

NIS Student Athletics Committee

NIS Student Athletics Committee (NISSAC)

The NIS Students Athletics Committee consists of a group of students in Grade 9 - 12 who actively participate in the Athletics Program offered at NIS. Under the supervision of the athletics director, Mr. Clarke, NISSAC helps organize sports-related events such as the Awards Evenings and ACAMIS Competitions hosted at NIS. NISSAC demonstrates the school’s philosophy, “Student’s Voice and Choice” to its extreme. The collaboration between NISSAC and the Athletics department allows the exchange of students’ innovative ideas and teachers’ expertise, leading to many student-friendly events.

To find out more about all our Athletics Programmes check out our Athletics site or contact Mr. Danny Clarke and/or Ms. Vicki Hong.