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After School Activities

After School Activities

After school activities (ASAs) are offered to Grade 1-5 students in the Primary School. The activities offered depend on the interest and expertise of teachers as well as student interest. Activities include cultural, craft, performing arts, sports and more. The Activities Catalog and sign up information can be found on Veracross in the parent portal (you will need to use your Veracross login).

This year, four (4), seven (7) week cycles of ASAs will be offered. ASA information becomes available a few days before the registration dates:

  • Cycle 1 – August 21
  • Cycle 2 – October 21
  • Cycle 3 – January 7
  • Cycle 4 – March 16

Clubs, Performing Arts and Service Activities

Secondary School students participate in Clubs, Performing Arts and Service. Registration is open throughout the year.

Clubs, Performing Arts and Service activities provide students with an opportunity to try new activities or to develop interests and skills over a more sustained period of time, allowing for opportunities for student leadership and personal excellence.

Each activity is open to a specified range of grades and may vary year on year. The activity will normally run either all year round or part-year in preparation for a performance or event.

For more information on the program schedule, please visit us in the Activities Office.


Anna Yuen

Activities Coordinator

Some of our Clubs