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Nanjing International School

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Nanjing International School


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Our teachers are diverse in their backgrounds, expertise and interests, committed to collaborative teaching and learning for all.

NIS is an inclusive school which means we enroll students across a broad range of learning styles and competencies to enhance the diversity at our school. All teachers have a positive view of the challenges of working with students with learning differences. 

Additionally, most students at NIS do not have English as their home language. Enabling them to achieve the best is harder work than teaching in a largely monolingual context. ELL is not just a subject, but an aspect of all our teaching and support network for students.

As a member of EARCOS and ACAMIS, NIS is also a hub for professional learning, with many of our teachers participating in conferences hosted onsite or regionally as workshop leaders, presenters, and participants. Have a look at their learning in context below and ask yourself if you are ready to commit to joining an inclusive, collaborative and dynamic team of educators.