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Tuition Fees for 2019/20

School Fees 2019/2020 for returning students 老生2019/2020年学费

School Fees 2019/2020 (RMB) for new students 2019/2020新生学费

Important Information

  • Students in Grade 1 to 4 have to own an iPad. 一年级至四年级学生需要配备iPad
  • Students in Grade 5 to 12 have to own a Macbook. 五年级至十二年级学生需要配备Macbook笔记本电脑
    • These can be purchased through our school or independently. Please review the minimum requirements for each device here. IPad 和Macbook笔记本电脑可以通过学校购买或者自己购买。如果通过学校购买可以联系招生办获取价格表和产品性能要求。
  • Students from Grade 6 and above are also required to purchase a calculator. Once again this can be done through school or before your arrival. Full details will be given once your application has been approved. 六年级以上学生需要购买计算器,也可以通过学校购买。具体要求在入学申请批准后会告知。
  • Parents of Grade 12 students are responsible for the payment of the IB Exam fees. 十二年级学生家长需要另外支付IB考试费。
  • A re-enrolment fee which is a minimum school fee payment of RMB 25,000 is required for returning students to ensure their place in the grade for the 2020/21 school year and this is applied to the school fees as above.
  • The fee must be paid by 15th April 2020. 老生需要预付至少25000人民币学费作为2020/2021学年的保位费,并于2020年4月15日之前支付。
  • The total school fees must be paid by the due date 29th May 2020.学费需要在2020年5月29日之前全部付清。
  • The re-enrolment fee which is a minimum school fee payment will be refunded in full if the Admissions Office receives written notification on or before the 12th June 2020 of your intention to leave NIS. After this date, it will not be refunded. The leaving notice must be sent to the following email address : admissions@nanjing-school.com 如2020年6月12日或之前招生办接到家长的离校通知,则25000人民币的保位费全部退还。2020年6月12日之后招生办才收到家长的离校通知,则25000人民币的保位费不予以退还。离校通知必须发送至如下邮箱: admissions@nanjing-school.com

Bank Transfer Information

First page of the PDF file: BOJ-bank-info-1ro9p1d