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Nanjing International School
Nanjing International School
Nanjing International School

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Nanjing International School

How to Apply

Ready to Apply?

Now that you have made your inital enquiry, you are ready to begin the online application. We estimate that the form may take around one hour to complete in one sitting, however you may save it and complete in sections if you prefer.

There are nine sections, all of which must be completed before submission.

1) Household

2) Applicants

3) Schools
4) Parents 5) Siblings 6) Medical
7) Learning 8) Agreements 9) Confirmation

Please read the instructions carefully at the start of each section. If you have any questions, please contact us

Start your application Now

The Application Process

Important Notes on Application

  • Mandatory fields are marked with *

  • Children's passport picture page must be in PDF or JPG form

  • Children's school reports must be in certified English (but can be submitted later)

  • Personal information should be current with the date of submission (i.e. it can be changed later

  • All phone numbers must have country and area codes included

  • Any questions, contact us


  • There is a minimum English language requirement for Grade 9 and above
  • Living Arrangements for Students
    • For students joining us in the Middle School and Diploma Programmes we insist that they are living with their parents or a named guardian throughout their time here at NIS. We do not accept students living alone under any circumstances. If you have questions about this please contact Katie Ham who is our Head of the Diploma Programme.