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Nanjing International School
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How do I apply for my child to attend NIS?

Usually, families go through the following steps before their children get enrolled in NIS:

  • Step 1: Enquiry and/or school tour
  • Step 2: Submit online application through NIS website (www.nis.china.org) 
  • Step 3: Optional assessments - find out more from Admissions Team
  • Step 4: Confirmation of acceptance
  • Step 5: Orientation
  • Step 6: First day

Is there a deadline for applications?

As an international school we have new students starting anytime of the school year.We do not have a specific deadline. Applications are accepted throughout the year and students are admitted based on space availability in accordance with NIS’s Admissions Information. We encourage families to send the completed application and supporting documentation as soon as possible.

Is testing necessary for my child to attend your school?

NIS does not have a testing/interview process to determine admissibility. However, there is an online test for students in Grade 3 and above in Maths and English which is used for diagnostic purposes and the Admissions Department will help to arrange this with you directly.

For students entering Grade 9 and above there will be an assessment to determine English language levels.

See FAQ below dealing with non English speakers.

Is there a waiting list at NIS?

From time to time, some grade levels may reach capacity. If this is the case your child will be placed in a waiting pool. As we operate a diversity policy the maximum number of any one nationality group at any grade level is 30%.

What are the tuition fees?

School Fees 2019/2020 for new and returning students varies.

See full details below :


Do you offer any discounts or scholarships?

No, we don’t offer any discounts or scholarships.

Can I visit the school before I make a decision?

Yes, in fact we encourage it. You can contact us either by phone, +86 25 8589 9111, or email admissions@nanjing-school.com to schedule an appointment.

My child does not speak any English or can only speak a little English. Can they attend NIS?

As an inclusive school, we do accept students who don’t speak English or only speak very limited English, as long as we have space for them. For non-native English speakers, NIS offers a comprehensive English Language (ELL) programme to support their study. However, from Grade 9 and above, the limitation of the students’ English level may become a barrier to their learning and realisation of personal excellence at NIS. In this situation, admission decisions need to be made case by case on the basis of interviews by our English teachers.

Do you accept students with special educational needs?

In pursuance of our mission statement we are a fully inclusive school and as existing space and resources allow, students with special needs will be admitted in accordance with the School’s admissions procedures. Decisions regarding admission and services for students will be made on a case by case basis within the parameters laid down by the school. NIS provides Learning Support for students who have barriers to learning, and who require special support to participate in the school’s programmes. Learning Support is provided by specially trained teachers to assist students in their learning. However, since there is limited access to specialized support services in Nanjing, NIS may not be able to meet the needs of students who require a high level of support. It is recommended that parents of students with special education needs contact the school before they decide to move to Nanjing.

Does my child need a laptop or an iPad?

All students from Grade 5 – 12 are required to have an Apple laptop. All students from Grade 1 - 4 are required to have an Apple iPad. This can either be arranged through the school or you can buy it yourselves and bring it into school for setting up. However, it is worth contacting the school beforehand to check whether the machine is up to date and is the correct specification.

Does NIS have a uniform?

No, we don’t have uniform in NIS. We provide 2 house shirts to each student at enrolment with no extra charge. There is more information on our dress code in the Parent Handbook.

Does NIS provide meals during school time?

Yes. Our school’s caterer Chartwells provides lunch and snacks and offers a wide range of varied dishes to accommodate different tastes and needs. Students may also bring in their own food. Payment is made via prepaid ID cards and can be topped up at Chartwells Cashier. We are a "nut free" school.

What are the usual school hours?

School starts at 8:00 am for all students every day. Students must be in class on time. School finishes at 3:00 pm every day except Tuesday when classes end at 2:30 pm. PreK classes end at 1:00 pm every day.

Does NIS provide school bus service?

Yes we do. The optional bus service is coordinated by an outside contractor Home Caught. The payments are made direct to them. There are several routes which serve the main compounds in the area around school and a few further afield. Parents are not permitted on the school buses.

What is the profile of the student body?

There are 42 nationalities at NIS. 29% of students are from Korea, 15% from USA, 7% from Germany, 7% from Australia, 5% from Canada, and 37% from other areas of the world.

What is the profile of the teachers at NIS?

NIS has a teaching faculty of 96 teachers who come from 18 countries. The average number of years teaching experience is 16 years. 22% of teachers are from USA, 17% from UK, 22% from Australia, 8% from Canada, 5% from New Zealand, 8% from China, and 17% from other countries of the world.

What do I do when my child is leaving NIS ? What are the Clearance and Transfer Procedures?

You must inform the Admissions office by email of your child's leaving date. Before leaving NIS, both parts of our clearance form must be completed in order to release school records, reports or deposits if applicable. There are two types of form. One for PS and the other for MS and DP. The first page on both forms is to be completed by parents. The next pages by students in MS and DP, and with help from teachers in PS. One form per student. You will also find information about Transfer Documents with a Korean and Chinese translation below. If you need any help please contact either Main Reception or the Admissions Office.

PS Clearance Form
MS Clearance Form
G11-12 Clearance Form

Transfer Documents-Information (English version)
Transfer Documents-Information (Korean version)
Transfer Documents-Information (Chinese version)

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