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Application Process

Dear Prospective Family,

Our online application process is outlined below. While Step 1 is not mandatory, we strongly encourage you to make contact with our Admissions Department using the enquiry form as your first step. There may be a waiting list at certain grade levels, as well as there might be differences in grade placement of your child on arrival here, and this form allows us to support and advise you. 

It is important to note that an application to NIS does not guarantee automatic entry into our school. 

The Application Process

Step 1 - Initial Enquiry

1. Initial enquiry to the Admissions Department using the form below.

Admissions Enquiry

Step 2 - Application

2. Fill in an online application form.

ONline application

Step 3 - Diagnostic Test

3. Online Diagnostic Test
If your child is currently in Grade 3 and above, they will need to sit an online diagnostic test in Mathematics and English. This can be done either here at NIS or at your child’s school with their assistance. It takes around two hours to complete. The Admissions Department will help organise this with you.

Step 4 - School Reports

For students coming into the Middle School & Diploma Programmes we need to have full school reports for their last three years of school. This is particularly important when our students leave NIS and transcripts are needed for new schools or university applications. If there are gaps in the student history we may not be able to complete the transcripts.

For all other students we need full school reports for the last two years with a translation into English where appropriate.

Please either upload all the reports onto the application, scan or send them through to us at the Admissions Office. Please email us with any of your questions.

Step 5 - School Director Approval

The completed application form and all supporting documents will then be submitted to our Director. We will inform you of his decision and if appropriate make the final arrangements for enrollment of your child here at NIS.

Step 6 - e-Signature

We are always happy to have new families applying to NIS. The signature at the end of your online application indicates that you will comply with all the agreements outlined in the application process. By ticking the box to complete the application, this acts as your electronic signature and approval. If you are not sure or find the language difficult to understand contact us for clarification.


  • There is a minimum English language requirement for Grade 9 and above
  • Living Arrangements for Students
    • For students joining us in the Middle School and Diploma Programmes we insist that they are living with their parents or a named guardian throughout their time here at NIS. We do not accept students living alone under any circumstances. If you have questions about this please contact Katie Ham who is our Head of the Diploma Programme.