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Tuition Fees 2023-24

We are a non-profit school where everything goes back to our students.

NIS is the only independent, non-profit international school in Nanjing, meaning all our resources go into providing the best teachers, the best facilities, and the best opportunities for our students. We are governed by a volunteer board and owned by our parents. NIS tuition covers classes, exceptional teachers, activities, new facilities and improvements, learning and language support services, Discover China trips, IT resources and support, access to all our school facilities, medical staff, and school supplies.

School Fees 2023-2024 for New Students


Currency in RMB. New Student Fee included. 

Grades Semester 1 Semester 2 Annual 


(Arriving in Semester 1, 3/4 years old, full day)

107,510 92,510 200,020


(Arriving in Semester 2, 3/4 years old, full day)

Kindergarten (K1/K2) - Grade 8 (Arriving in Semester 1) 138,350 123,350 261,700
Kindergarten (K1/K2) - Grade 8 (Arriving in Semester 2)   138,350  
Grade 9 - Grade 12 (Arriving in Semester 1) 163,020 98,680 261,700
Grade 9 - Grade 12 (Arriving in Semester 2)   138,350  

School Fees 2023-2024 for Returning Students


Currency in RMB.

Grades Semester 1 Semester 2 Annual 


(3/4 years old, full day)

92,510 92,510 185,020
Kindergarten (K1/K2) - Grade 8 123,350 123,350 246,700
Grade 9 - Grade 12 148,020 98,680 246,700

Enrolment Deposit

The enrolment deposit is due upon admission to the school and should be paid before the enrollment day and within 14 days of receiving the invoice. The deposit is non-refundable but will be applied toward the tuition for the student's first semester. 

Bus Fees

NIS coordinates an optional bus service with an outside contractor to transport students to and from school. Depending on distance traveled, monthly fees for this service vary from 925-2,350 RMB for the 2023-24 school year. 

The HomeCaught™ solution for Nanjing International School is comprised of NIS accredited school buses covering most foreign compounds in the city. They prioritise safety, with strict maintenance checks and trained, reliable drivers. For a list of bus stop destinations, schedule, pricing, and any other questions, please contact

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