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Student Support

Inclusion is a shared NIS school conviction that all students can learn and succeed.

We believe each child is an important part of the rich diversity of our learning community and that it is our responsibility to discover and develop each of their talents toward personal excellence. This commitment differentiates us from many schools in China and connects us with like-minded organisations across the region and the world, through our membership in initiatives like the Learning Analytics Collaborative, the Special Education Network & Inclusion Association, and Next Frontier Inclusion, of which we are a founding member.


Our International Education Support

A balance of high expectations and student-centred, targeted support helps to define us as an inclusive school.

Our dedicated teachers, teaching assistants, learning coaches, counsellors, language acquisition specialists, learning support professionals, leadership team members, and outside service providers work together with our students and families to chart learning pathways designed to challenge and motivate.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support Services team is comprised of specialists who work throughout the school with the common goals of providing targeted support to students, working with families on individualized learning plans, and collaborating with colleagues on how best support all learners.

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English Language Support

The English Language Learning team is comprised of specialists who work throughout our school to providing targeted support for English language learners. In Primary, ELL teachers are integrated into classrooms, supporting English acquisition within the context of the regular learning environment.

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The NIS school Counselling programme is proactive in nature, focusing on the academic and social-emotional development of the whole child from Pre-K to Grade 12. Our University Counselling Programme focuses on the overall personal development and wellness of our students.

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