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Global Citizen Diploma

"Our story is more than numbers..."

At its core, the Global Citizenship Diploma (GCD) is an educational credential designed to complement the rigor of the IB Diploma Programme and Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) requirement. It recognizes a student's holistic education, encompassing classroom learning, school engagement, and worldly experiences. The GCD is not about adding more accomplishments but rather acknowledging and appreciating the exceptional achievements of our students. NIS belongs to the GCD consortium of 9 like-minded leading international schools around the world that offer this programme. 

A Look Inside the GCD

As Global Citizens, our students live their lives with a promise to understand others, make decisions with the awareness of its effect on the local and global communities while advocating for responsibility for sustainability.

GCD Programme Overview

The GCD is a validation of activities and experiences that students do in addition to their academics. Students showcase their stories with authentic audiences as GCD highlights the story of learning and growing through a range of lenses. Students are encouraged to burst the bubble while they express their voice and choice in the experiences that allow them to achieve their personal excellence. By documenting their stories, students will be able to share them with future universities and employers. The GCD encourages reflection, learning and connection – offering a chance for Secondary students to reveal who they are and how experiences have shaped them. These stories weave together a memory and the language of GCD sending a clear message that these young people are more than numbers. 

Our Stories Are More than Numbers


Service is an established part of our IB school curriculum for all grade levels. We believe that involving oneself in and out of school in service activities adds to one's personal excellence and further develops NIS as an inclusive community.

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Discover China

Our incredible Discover China Week provides all our Secondary students with the opportunity to link classroom learning with real-life situations. It also aims to broaden students’ experiences and knowledge of China, connected to our school Strategy component of “Burst the Bubble.”

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IB Curriculum

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a world leader in future-focused education and has a hard-earned reputation for the highest standards of teaching, instructional leadership, and student achievement.  NIS is proud to be China's most established IB World School and Continuum School.

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