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How We Learn

What is learning that matters and inspires?

If we walked into a hospital today and the doctors utilized the same methods, tools, and spaces as they did 30 years ago, we would likely turn around and walk out the door...So why should this be any different in the context of education? As China's first IB Continuum School, NIS prepares students Pre-K to Grade 12 for the changing world they live in through inclusive, inquiry-based learning and a rich co-curricular programme.

NIS School Profile 2023-24

Education for a Changing World

Our students have a Voice and a Choice in their learning. They are inspired by our inclusive community to pursue international mindedness, personal excellence, and creative thinking.

We believe students learn best when they make meaningful choices about their learning, connect across cultures and perspectives, feel a strong sense of inclusion and belonging, and find an appropriate balance of challenge and support.

These inclusive, Mission and Strategy-embedded beliefs drive all we do to develop the talents of every student in our care. Visit us to see our inspiring learning community in action!

Kasson bratton
Director of Learning

Primary School

In our Primary School, structured inquiry takes place from Early Years to Grade 5 as the main vehicle for student learning in relevant, real-world contexts. Through experience and discovery, our students have countless opportunities to grow.

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Secondary School

Our Secondary School focuses on the unique learning needs and developmental characteristics of adolescents and teenagers. Here they transition into higher level learning that will support them through diploma study and beyond.

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IB Curriculum

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a world leader in future-focused education and has a hard-earned reputation for the highest standards of teaching, instructional leadership, and student achievement.  NIS is proud to be China's most established IB World School and Continuum School.

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