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Strategic Philosophies at NIS

We are a school where teachers are innovating around best practice to create learning environments that connect us all. What philosophies guide us?

Strategy Pathways: Bursting the Bubble

Our Strategy Pathways act like filters to change and amplify what helps us achieve our Strategy goals, and ditch the things that don’t. Let’s take a closer look at the Strategic Pathways behind Bursting the Bubble.  

Strategy Pathways: Student Voice & Student Choice

Our Strategy Pathways act like filters to change and amplify what helps us achieve our Strategy goals, and ditch the things that don’t. Let’s take a closer look at the Strategic Pathways behind Student Voice and Student Choice.  

Class of 2021 Outstanding IB Results Far Exceed World Averages

Nanjing International School’s Class of 2021's outstanding IB results this year are not only the highest in the last 10 years of the DP at our school – they also greatly exceed global averages and put us in a leading position with top international schools worldwide.

Bursting the Bubble

We want our whole community to connect across cultures and perspectives. We want our students to be equipped with the skills that allow them to burst the bubble when they find themselves outside of their comfort zone: when they start out at university, work, or any other new environment.

NIS Celebrates Global Pride Day

June marks LGBTQ+ Pride Month and today is Global Pride Day. This month and every day, we celebrate the LGBTQ+ staff, students, and families that are part of our inclusive learning community. Respect and appreciation for everyone in NIS, in all their variety and complexity, are guiding principles as we teach, communicate, play together, and learn from one another. 

Student Voice and Student Choice

Nanjing International School believes both student voice and student choice are a central part of what we do. They both guide us on the journey to becoming a school where every student creates their own learning plan. In this way, we motivate and help prepare them for the next steps in education and in life.

The Birth of NIS Strategy   

Why does a school need a strategy when it has worked so hard already to define its core values? At Nanjing International School, values define who we are and why we exist: that’s important to define for people, and for schools, too. We are an inclusive school that inspires international mindedness, personal excellence, and creative thinking. Our values are our bedrock and the ultimate test of whether our goals and strategy have a ‘fit’, now and in the future.

Strategy at NIS: From Mission to Action

From 2016, Strategy at NIS has been the ongoing process of taking our mission, which is a statement of who we are and the values that we believe in, and bringing it to a place of action.

Game Theory: Grade 4’s Arcade Delights NIS

Nanjing International School’s main school lobby was transformed into a sprawling arcade by our Grade 4 students. But it was more than just fun and games – Arcade Day is the product of serious learning and a highlight of Nanjing International School’s Design experience for Grade 4.

Inspirational: TEDx Youth Hosted at NIS

On June 7th, NIS hosted our 5th successful and thought-provoking TEDxYouth@NIS event on campus. TEDxYouth is a renowned branch of the globally recognized TEDx public speaking events, designed for, and often organized by, young people. Since its inception in 2015, NIS has remained the only school in Nanjing to host a TEDx event. Almost 100 members of the community attended this year’s event, which featured a record number of student and teacher speakers, each with their own impactful story to share.

Why International School Accreditation Matters

Nanjing International School is the only independent, non-profit international school in Nanjing, meaning all our resources go into providing the best teachers, the best facilities, and the best opportunities for our students. We are owned by our parents. NIS is also the only school in Nanjing to be accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) – each global gold standards of accreditation – and authorised by the International Baccalaureate.

Sea Lions Race to 2nd Place at ACAMIS Swimming Championships

On June 4 and 5, NIS hosted this year’s ACAMIS Swimming Championships. Our team of 21 talented athletes joined almost 100 swimmers from 9 participating international schools across China for 2 days of great swimming and sportsmanship. NIS finished 2nd overall in a fine effort and testament to the commitment of all our team members and their coaches.

Grade 1 Shines During Showcase

It was an amazing performance, complete with creative, choreographed storytelling, imaginative costumes, singing, and lots of fun and laughter.

NIS Class of 2021 Graduation

Nanjing International School (NIS) saw our first students graduate in 2001, and every year since then we have celebrated the commencement of exceptional learners and leaders. It is our privilege to watch them embark on the next step of their lives filled with purpose and equipped with the skills they need to succeed.

Congratulations, Class of 2021!

Science for the Real World: Grade 9 Science Fair

At Nanjing International School, our Science Fair is the culmination of our students’ Grade 9 integrated Science experience before they begin to focus on specific scientific disciplines in Grade 10 – it’s a true showcase of knowledge.

Class of 2021 University Acceptances

Students of Nanjing International School’s Class of 2021 are set to attend some of the world’s leading institutions. The list of universities where NIS graduates have gained admission is once again impressive and internationally diverse.

Discover China Week: Adventures in Real-world Learning

One of the biggest highlights of our calendar at Nanjing International School is Discover China Week. Discover China is a challenging and fulfilling time for our students, and with incredible trip destinations like Moganshan, Chongming Island, Tianmu, Lin’an, Songyang, and Thousand Island Lake, it is little surprise that our alumni have fond memories of their trip experiences long after they leave NIS.

NIS PYP Exhibition Showcases Student-led Inquiry

Our Grade 5 students have worked hard in preparation for this year’s exciting PYP Exhibition, the culmination of their learning journey in our Primary School. This year’s project was centered around the transdisciplinary theme of “Sharing the Planet.”

Learning by Design

We are proud of our unique, whole-school design learning approach – one that exemplifies our award-winning school strategy of “Bursting the Bubble” and “Student Voice and Student Choice.” Design learning at NIS supports the development of student skillsets and competencies to be the empathetic problem solvers our 21st century world needs.