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What Makes an NIS Teacher?

We know that great teachers work tirelessly to create a challenging but nurturing environment for their students. Their knowledge and skill go hand-in-hand with a positive attitude. Above all, we believe that the best educators are those who are kind, passionate about what they do, and love children.

What makes an NIS teacher? All these things and more.

“We like our teachers to have individuality,” said Mr. Laurie McLellan, School Director at Nanjing International School. “We encourage them to use that and share those experiences because we want our students to interface with as many types of people, types of approaches, personalities, and perspectives as they can – that’s preparation for real life.”


Hailing from 18 nationalities, our teaching faculty is diverse. The average amount of teaching experience here is 16 years, with faculty staying at NIS long-term, typically for 6 years ­– far above the standard in China and international schools in Asia. Over 70% of our educators hold master’s or higher degrees. They are supported by the school to be lifelong learners, just like our students.

“NIS teachers are consummate professionals,” said Mr. Kasson Bratton, Director of Learning at NIS. “We pride ourselves on our faculty. We have so many teachers that are long serving, that are well-established members of our community. But we also pride ourselves in recruiting top talent from around the world and then building on that talent.”

NIS teachers are an essential part of our inclusive learning community, with a mission of inspiring international mindedness, personal excellence, and creative thinking.

“Our faculty are committed to the mission, and we really believe and live our mission,” explained Mr. McLellan. To do so, we approach everything through the lens of our innovative and award-winning Strategy: ‘Student Voice and Student Choice and Burst the Bubble.’ NIS teachers seek to empower their students by involving them in decisions about teaching and learning and strive to equip them with the skills needed to connect and thrive outside their comfort zones.

NIS students cover a broad range of learning styles and competencies, enhancing the richness of our school's diversity. All our teachers have a positive view of the challenges of working with students with learning differences and are committed to providing the best education for each individual child. NIS teachers are therefore not just experts in teaching but also in learning.

“They're student-focused,” said Mr. Bratton. “They're often leaders in their fields, running IB workshops, writing textbooks and more – a truly exciting part of our learning community.”

NIS faculty are not just consummate educators. They are great communicators, listeners, and collaborators – and a force for inclusivity, innovation, and positivity.

“Our students notice it when our teachers come to work smiling,” said Mr. McLellan. “NIS teachers aren't just here to teach in the traditional sense. They're here to engage. They're here to truly be part of the learning.”

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