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The Circus comes to NIS

175 students from 7 to 11 year olds took part in the production and entertained the audience with juggling, unicycling, singing, dancing, martial arts, clowning and much more. Their key words throughout the rehearsals were ‘energy’ and ‘expression’ and they certainly delivered this in bucket loads.



The theatre crew was made up of a selection of Grade 5 students They did all of the lighting and sound for the entire show. They also made up the backstage crew, consisting of props crew and runners.

This show was about fully involving every student and giving them the opportunity to shine.

The Circus was brought to life through creating the Big Top! The illusion of a circus tent was created through the clever use of red and white material hanging from the ceiling, and with the audience surrounding the performers just like in a traditional circus tent.


The students showed a huge amount of creativity and enthusiasm throughout the production process and were fully involved in every aspect of the show. From designing the hair, make-up and costumes, developing the script, designing and creating the props, choreographing the moves, and much more.


Huge kudos to the students. They put their hearts and souls into this production and created a show that they can be truly proud of.


A big thank you to the production team for all the time and effort that they put in behind the scenes to ensure that the students could shine!

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