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Strategy Pathways: Student Voice & Student Choice

Our Strategy Pathways act like filters to change and amplify what helps us achieve our Strategy goals, and ditch the things that don’t. Let’s take a closer look at the Strategic Pathways behind Student Voice and Student Choice.  

Personalise Learning: We provide opportunities for students to make decisions around when, where, and what they learn, and how learning is demonstrated. No two students learn in the same way. When students are involved in planning their own learning, it leads to higher levels of engagement and deeper understanding.

Refine Inclusion: As an inclusive school, we ensure opportunities exist for all learners to grow and achieve success. We create and provide whatever is necessary to ensure that all of our students have access to meaningful learning. We believe there should be education for everyone without discrimination.

Blended Learning: We incorporate technologies with elements of digital and face-to-face learning to enhance possibilities over when, what, where, and how students learn.

Trial and Error Culture: At most "good" schools, when you're doing well, the easiest thing is to play it safe, maintain the status quo, and not change too much. At NIS, if it fails, we'll change it and try again. This culture includes risk taking, learning from failure, and developing an open-minded attitude.

Making mistakes allows a student not just to find the best solution, but other students to learn from the mistake as well.

Join us next week for Part II of our Strategy Pathways for Bursting the Bubble and how they all fit together.