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Inspirational: TEDx Youth Hosted at NIS

On June 7th, NIS hosted our 5th successful and thought-provoking TEDxYouth@NIS event on campus. TEDxYouth is a renowned branch of the globally recognized TEDx public speaking events, designed for, and often organized by, young people. Since its inception in 2015, NIS has remained the only school in Nanjing to host a TEDx event. Almost 100 members of the community attended this year’s event, which featured a record number of student and teacher speakers, each with their own impactful story to share.

Students have been supported in developing their presentations by the TEDxYouth@NIS team, led by Event Organizer, Ms. Trina Ryan, co-organizer, Ms. Sonya terBorg, veteran team member, Mr. Javier Bahilo Ros, and new on the scene this year, Ms. Ophelie Hau. In the spirit of community, our speakers also received feedback from their peers, working together to refine their ideas and boldly share their message. “In a time when community and a sense of belonging has never been more important, we are delighted to have TEDxYouth@NIS back on the calendar,” said Ms. Ryan. “This year, our speakers have gone above and beyond, reigniting the spark of personal excellence that has fueled TEDxYouth@NIS since it first began.”

Ms. terBorg revealed that TEDxYouth@NIS success and importance to our NIS community lies in its strong links to school mission and values, particularly student voice and student choice: “Providing our students with this truly authentic opportunity to showcase their voice is so important.” Although the TEDxYouth@NIS event lasts for only 2-3 hours, the student-led lead up to it at NIS has been happening behind the scenes for months. Our youth speakers took the time to research, reach a high level of expertise in the area of their talk, and realize the essence of their message.

“You don’t just have to have something to say,” said Ms. terBorg. “You have to have a call to action.”

Ms. terBorg added that TEDxYouth@NIS has been a wonderful way for students to not only connect with the NIS community but also well beyond, with speakers from across China having presented at our school in the past. While COVID-19 has kept this year’s TEDxYouth@NIS within our school, it has also provided a wonderful opportunity for our students to take a more prominent role in sharing their voice.

This year’s presenters spoke about what gave them meaning and purpose in life. Their passions that ranged from journal writing to the inherent beauty of mathematics, the power of poetry and family ties – all ideas well worth sharing.  Students not only presented at this year’s TEDxYouth@NIS, but also managed behind the scenes work with graphic design, filming, hosting, and running the stage and front of house.

Watch our inspiring TEDxYouth@NIS talks on YouTube below!