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ACCORD Magazine|让语言与艺术将我们的心声凝结

Joyce Shi

The Student-Founded and Student-Led ACCORD Magazine

Why did you set up the journal?

Despite NIS’s cultural distinctiveness, I have found that a lot of students and parents are oblivious about our unique school history, philosophy, and accomplishments. Therefore, I had a vision of wanting to inform and remind our identity and spirit to members within and outside of NIS, to not only build a stronger sense of community but also to connect NIS with the world and inspire more people. However, this would have never been possible without the professionally talented editors, visual artists, and writers in our editorial team, as well as the supervisor, Mrs. Lenk, for sacrificing their time within their busy schedule to be part of Accord’s and NIS’s vision.

What is the meaning of the name? 

Accord has two connotations in both noun and verb. “Agreement and harmony” are the essence of our publication. Equally, after people read the magazine, we hope they feel more “harmonious and consistent with” our school mission of “inspiring international mindedness, personal excellence, creative thinking.” Plus, we strive to connect readers with the world through the exposure of literature and art aimed to motivate and widen people’s world view.

How will you know if it is a success?
We finished the 34-page first-issue digital magazine in less than a month, so it was very surreal to reminisce about the extraordinary effort and efficiency of the hardworking Accord editorial team. After publishing, we received positive receptions from students, teachers, and the school leadership team, which are very encouraging and heart-warming. Concurrently, we are very open to critiques as we would want to revise errors, as well as to identify and resolve the weaknesses. Thus, we could implement the necessary improvements in future issues.