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NIS Nanjing International School 30th Anniversary Logo
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NIS Nanjing International School 30th Anniversary Logo

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Class of 2023 Graduation: Their Journeys Begin

The Class of 2023 is one that is embarking on incredible journeys around the world – to their choice of top universities, internship and employment, or personal adventures and discovery during a gap year. Graduation is a time for our school to celebrate the achievements and memories of our seniors as we say farewell to them as students. And while they may be starting out on their new journeys as graduates, they’ll always be NIS Lions.

BattleBots Return to NIS!

The field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is growing every day – just ask our NIS Grade 8 Design students who have been studying Robotics. Using sophisticated sensors and programmable electronics, they designed and built their own robots capable of autonomous travel and movement to compete in a range of exciting challenges in our Design Centre. 

What’s in a Test?

NIS is anything but a teach-to-the-test school. We’re an inclusive school. But learning evaluations and diagnostics are still important tools for our educators. Learn how we approach testing differently from Kasson Bratton, Director of Learning at NIS.

NIS HUB Project Launch

One of the most exciting future developments of our school is the HUB – an ambitious and innovative construction project that will elevate and amplify learning at NIS. The HUB took a big step forward last Friday with a special commencement ceremony that marked the beginning of its construction.

NIS Shines at City Wall Music Festival

Our school was honoured to participate in Nanjing’s City Wall Music Festival, a celebration of Chinese and Western cultural exchange in partnership with friendship city York in the United Kingdom. The inclusive NIS Concert Band, which is made up of students from Grade 4 to 10, had the distinction of playing the opening performance for the festival.

A Night to Remember: NIS 30th Anniversary Charity Gala

As part of our year of celebration, Nanjing International School partnered with its main charity, the Pfrang Association, for an evening of glamour, fancy dress, fun, and the spirit of giving. Almost 200 guests from our inclusive learning community attended the formal NIS 30th Anniversary Charity Gala, which raised over 240,000 RMB for Pfrang. The funds will go directly to underprivileged children in rural Jiangsu and Anhui to support their education. Our deepest thanks for the generosity of our sponsors and guests.

Empowering Students, Engaging Parents: NIS Student-Led Conferences

We believe that learning belongs to students. At Nanjing International School, we take this belief one step further and empower our students to take ownership of their learning, and to review and discuss it with knowledge and confidence. When students know how they learn best and can reflect on their learning, they are able to advocate for themselves. Our recent student led conferences were a wonderful example of agency at NIS.

Passion, Research, Action: PYPx 2023

The PYP Exhibition 2023 was an exciting and memorable milestone for our Grade 5 students. As the culmination of all the learning that they experienced during their PYP years at NIS, the exhibition was an opportunity for them to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and bring an issue that they were passionate about to the forefront.

Look out Below! Secondary Egg Drop

Grade 10 Physics students at Nanjing International School have been studying forces and Newton's Laws. After they completed the basics and gained an understanding, they dove into frictional forces and their effect on the world around them, culminating in a challenging Egg Drop!

Secondary Athletics Day: Showcasing Personal Excellence

Let’s go, Lions! NIS Secondary Athletics Day was the exciting conclusion to our Grade 6-11 Athletics unit. The event was an inclusive showcase for Secondary learners to display personal excellence and work collaboratively towards the individual goals and targets they developed throughout the semester.

Insect Museum Visit has Early Years Abuzz

As part of the Early Years’ transdisciplinary unit “How the World Works”, our youngest learners went on a field trip to the Nanjing Insect Museum. The trip helped students explore the concepts of nature, observation, form, responsibility, needs, and survival.

Broadening Horizons with Discover China

Discover China is a big highlight of Nanjing International School’s calendar. The programme provides challenging and fulfilling opportunities for students to travel within our host country and engage in learning experiences far beyond classroom walls. Launched in 2001, the Discover China programme aims to broaden student experiences and knowledge of China while helping create a better and more peaceful world.

Class of 2023 University Acceptances

University acceptances for Grade 12 at Nanjing International School continue to come in! Our students have not only gained early acceptance to world-renowned universities and specialised programmes, but also their first choices for higher education, with an incredible range of diversity in fields of study.

Celebrating the Class of 2023

This year, we celebrate not only our largest graduating cohort ever, but also the first class to complete all 4 years of the Global Citizen Diploma (GCD) programme. The Leaver’s Assembly, now the Senior-Sendoff, is a tradition at Nanjing International School where our entire school celebrates the achievements of our Grade 12s and shares memories of their time with us. It’s an opportunity for all our students, from Early Years to rising Grade 11s, to witness and be a special part of the culmination of our graduates’ learning journey at NIS.

NIS Invests in Our Planet During Earth Week

Nanjing International School recently celebrated Earth Week – the culmination of our Service as Action programme. Our school-wide celebration of hope towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) involved the personal excellence, creativity, and hard work of all our students. Through service activities like Earth Week, our school is committed to instilling a passion in our students to step outside their comfort zones and make meaningful differences in the world they live in.

Perspectives on Allyship

Join Kalei, G10 and co-founder of the Non-Straight/Straight Alliance, and Ken Brady, Tech Coach and Design Teacher, as we take a look at allyship from another perspective: how to be a male ally at school and support inclusion.

Celebrating Diversity Together at International Day 2023

International Day was an amazing, inclusive event that allowed everyone to appreciate the unique diversity and richness of the NIS community.

More than 1200 students, parents, and staff celebrated International Day, the first at our school since 2018. The sunny afternoon event was organised by our wonderful PTA and held in our campus Square, representing over 40 nationalities from our community.

Connecting Over Coffee: NIS PTA Coffee Mornings

PTA Coffee Mornings at Nanjing International School are a wonderful and inclusive opportunity for parents to come together, learn, and form connections. These relaxed meetings in the Café of our purpose-built community Centre building offer valuable insights from guest speakers and help keep parents informed about school developments and upcoming events.

NIS: Education for a Changing World

What is the purpose of school? This is a question that we should all ask ourselves. We believe that students learn best when they are inspired and have autonomy over their learning. They seek mastery of very specific skills, and they have a purpose. The IB helps NIS have its own clear purpose around learning, which is preparing students for the world they live in and the world that they will inherit as adults.

Field Days: Fostering Fun, Fitness, and Friendship

Our Primary School recently held two successful Field Days which were enjoyed by students, staff, and parents alike. The Primary Field Day was designed for Grades 2-5, while the Early Years Field Day was organised for Pre-K to Grade 1.

Theatre for Reflection

Nanjing International School recently hosted an insightful and thought-provoking Grade 10 Drama Showcase. Titled "Torn," the performance explored important global and social issues through the medium of theatre

K2 Showcase Shines

It was an inspiring morning for everyone at NIS as our older Early Years students gave incredible performances during the K2 Showcase. This inclusive showcase was the outcome of an extended and collaborative learning project, requiring students to share and merge ideas, make decisions, and take on different roles.

Finding Balance

As a school with a holistic, student-centered approach to learning and life, we strive to promote wellness and help our learners and community find balance. Join Ruben Joyner, Secondary Counsellor, as we discuss mental wellness for students and how to manage stress.

G12 DP Visual Arts Exhibition Inspires Us

The NIS IB DP Visual Arts Programme culminated for our senior artists with the unveiling of this year’s fantastic annual G12 Visual Arts Exhibition. Our Grade 12s and aspiring artists from Grade 11 presented their artwork and learning journeys to an eager audience of parents, teachers, and peers. The exhibit space in our Centre building provided a platform for these talented students to showcase their creations and engage with the community.

NIS Lions Gather Down Under for Melbourne Alumni Reunion

On Saturday, March 18, we had our first NIS alumni reunion in Australia! A large pride of Lions gathered in Melbourne’s King's Domain Park for a sunny afternoon of fun and memories with our school director, Laurie McLellan.