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Primary Students Back on Campus!

It was wonderful to safely welcome our youngest learners back to campus today! Take a look at some of the highlights as they reunited with teachers and friends.

The Importance of Early Childhood Education

A child’s early years build the learning skills that make up the foundation for their future development, including social and cognitive growth. Well-established global research continues to emphasise the importance of early education for all children as essential building blocks for future success.

Secondary School Student Distance Learning Art & Design Showcase

While distance learning may be over for our Secondary School, it was a time of creativity and personal excellence for our MYP students, who rose to the challenge to craft thought-provoking and inspiring creations, from drawings to photography to animation.

NIS Safely Welcomes Students Back to Campus

It was the day that our entire community had been waiting for since starting school online in August. After three weeks of online learning, our Secondary School students from Grade 6 to 12 reunited with their classmates and teachers. We are all well on the way to returning to the NIS life we know and love.

Evaluating Learning in our Primary School

As part of our inclusive, student-centred approach, we know that all learners are at different places in their journey and instruction must be differentiated to meet their individual needs. To do this, our teachers need to determine where students are in their studies, where they have achieved mastery, and how they learn best. That’s where assessment comes in, and nowhere is this more important than during the formative years of Primary School.

Introducing José Ibañez, New IB MYP Maths Teacher at Nanjing International School

Mr. Ibañez is from Spain. He has an Master’s of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Grenada, a Master’s in Project Management from the European University, and teaching qualifications for the United Kingdom and the United States. Before coming to NIS, he taught Mathematics at the Academy of the Americas in Detroit.

NIS Students Aged 12-17 Get Vaccinated

With our older students and some parents vaccinated with their first dose, we have taken another step towards greater safety from COVID-19 in our school. Congratulations to our community for coming together to support this excellent Qixia District initiative.

Bursting the Bubble During Distance Learning

NIS works hard to support our community and provide the very best distance learning experience we can for each individual student. As an inclusive learning community, a large part of that effort is ensuring that our students are connecting with their teachers and each other, especially in an online environment.

Introducing Pearl Noh, New College Counsellor at Nanjing International School

Ms. Pearl Noh is from Korea. She has a Master’s degree in Korean Literary Arts and Creative Writing and a Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature, and Education. Ms. Noh has 20 years of experience in education. Before coming to NIS, she was the College Counsellor at Suzhou Singapore International School.

School Counselling at NIS: Making a World of Difference

A robust counselling programme is a hallmark of a world-class international school. Nanjing International School is fortunate to have a dedicated team of highly qualified counselling professionals helping to ensure that our students have excellent learning experiences that lead to success in both the classroom and their future lives.

Strategic Philosophies at NIS

We are a school where teachers are innovating around best practice to create learning environments that connect us all. What philosophies guide us?

Strategy Pathways: Bursting the Bubble

Our Strategy Pathways act like filters to change and amplify what helps us achieve our Strategy goals, and ditch the things that don’t. Let’s take a closer look at the Strategic Pathways behind Bursting the Bubble.  

Strategy Pathways: Student Voice & Student Choice

Our Strategy Pathways act like filters to change and amplify what helps us achieve our Strategy goals, and ditch the things that don’t. Let’s take a closer look at the Strategic Pathways behind Student Voice and Student Choice.  

Class of 2021 Outstanding IB Results Far Exceed World Averages

Nanjing International School’s Class of 2021's outstanding IB results this year are not only the highest in the last 10 years of the DP at our school – they also greatly exceed global averages and put us in a leading position with top international schools worldwide.

Bursting the Bubble

We want our whole community to connect across cultures and perspectives. We want our students to be equipped with the skills that allow them to burst the bubble when they find themselves outside of their comfort zone: when they start out at university, work, or any other new environment.

NIS Celebrates Global Pride Day

June marks LGBTQ+ Pride Month and today is Global Pride Day. This month and every day, we celebrate the LGBTQ+ staff, students, and families that are part of our inclusive learning community. Respect and appreciation for everyone in NIS, in all their variety and complexity, are guiding principles as we teach, communicate, play together, and learn from one another. 

Student Voice and Student Choice

Nanjing International School believes both student voice and student choice are a central part of what we do. They both guide us on the journey to becoming a school where every student creates their own learning plan. In this way, we motivate and help prepare them for the next steps in education and in life.

The Birth of NIS Strategy   

Why does a school need a strategy when it has worked so hard already to define its core values? At Nanjing International School, values define who we are and why we exist: that’s important to define for people, and for schools, too. We are an inclusive school that inspires international mindedness, personal excellence, and creative thinking. Our values are our bedrock and the ultimate test of whether our goals and strategy have a ‘fit’, now and in the future.

Strategy at NIS: From Mission to Action

From 2016, Strategy at NIS has been the ongoing process of taking our mission, which is a statement of who we are and the values that we believe in, and bringing it to a place of action.