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Pfrang Association

Who are they?

The Pfrang Association is a group of people who are united in the belief that education is one of the most basic and valuable assets in our society and therefore should be accessible to all young people.  They have made it their aim to extend this gift of education to as many children as possible who would otherwise not be afforded the opportunity.

What is the connection to NIS?

In April 2000 the Pfrang family - members of the NIS Community - lost their lives in a dreadful crime in their home in Nanjing. From sorrow for Sandra, Thorsten, Petra and Jürgen Pfrang, the desire arose to keep the memory of the family alive through making a positive contribution to the society they chose to live and work in. The foundation acknowledges the fact that social inequality and poor education prepare the grounds for crimes. NIS has since committed to hosting a variety of fund-raising and educational events for this charity from galas to hosting the students on campus for fun activities. 

How are they organised?

The Pfrang Association is a nonprofit charity organization with the intention of providing funds aimed at helping underprivileged children in Jiangsu and Anhui Province to attain an education. In setting up the Association, they have developed a partnership with Amity Foundation (www.amityfoundation.org). This foundation has years of experience dealing with the needs of young people in China and aspires to achieve similar goals to the Pfrang Association. The Pfrang Association is administered entirely through a group of volunteers and governed by the Articles of the Association.

Pfrang Events