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Amy Yang Fund

We celebrate the spirit of hope and Amy's lifelong journey of bravery and healing. She is an inspiration for our entire community.

In 2014, NIS Facilities Coordinator Ms. Amy Yang and her family were returning home after sightseeing at the famous West Lake in Hangzhou. She was accompanied by her father, mother, husband, and 6-year-old son. They boarded a local bus after a taxi would not take them as they were 5 people. The day turned tragic when the bus was set on fire by another passenger, where 32 people were injured, 24 critically. Her entire family was maimed by the fire, with Amy, her mother, and father suffering third-degree burns over half of their bodies. Amy and her mother survived after almost half a year of intensive inpatient care, but her father died 6 months later due to complications.

Now, after 8 years of surgeries, treatment, and therapy for burns over her face, arms, and back, Amy has made incredible progress – but her journey continues. At least 50,000 RMB per year is needed to fund her recovery.

The Amy Yang Fund was established by the NIS community to help support Amy's lifelong medical care, through events that bring us together and celebrate life.

How Can I Help?

  • If you are in Nanjing, you can donate directly to Amy's fund at our Cashier window on the 2nd floor of the Centre. 
  • Join school-supported events like the Melbourne Cup, the NIC Bazaar, the NIC Benefit Concert, Christmas Market, Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, Mother's Day, and more for opportunities to donate.
  • Follow the Amy Yang Fund WeChat to learn more about fundraising events and to read Amy's updates on her journey and stay in touch. We will also be posting about events on NIS social media.

The power of love is huge. I cannot change what happened to me, but I can change my attitude about my future life. Stop crying and smile. Every day I try to open up and be myself more and more. With my family, friends, and the NIS community behind me, I will be bold for change. 

Amy Yang

In Her Words: Be Bold for Change

My name is Amy Yang, I am a member of staff at Nanjing International School.
I wear a mask because of a bus fire which happened on July 5th, 2014. My life changed totally from that day. My family each endured different degrees of burns. My father passed away 6 months after the incident. My face, arms, and back were badly burned. Now most parts of my body are covered in huge scars. However after several surgeries - I survived.
I lost vital functions of my body, which lead to the government issuing me a disability card. As a woman, I felt really sad. I avoided the mirror. I hated going outside. I was afraid to meet people. I didn’t want to eat anything. 
I just cried all the time. It was the hardest period of my life.
Years have passed and I think my life is changing for the better. It is the power of love that pushes me forward – love from family, friends, colleagues, and all of you. So much love surrounds me and gives me strength.
If I complain how ugly I feel, you tell me you see my heart. When I feel pain, you ask me how I feel. When I cry, you tell me I’m so strong and I’ll get better and better. I like it when you are close to me, smile at me, talk to me and even hug me. It shows that you care about me. You don’t give me special treatment – you accept me for who I am. For that, I thank you and your children for all the support you have shown. The power of love is huge. I cannot change what happened to me but I can change my attitude about my future life, stop crying, and smile. Every day I try to open up and be myself more and more.
With my family, friends and the NIS community behind me, I will be bold for change. It is my goal to be a brave woman and to enjoy a meaningful life.
March 29, 2017

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