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Nanjing International School
Nanjing International School
Nanjing International School

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Nanjing International School


HomeCaught™ solution for Nanjing International School

  • Students originated safer buses
  • NIS accredited school buses covering most foreign compounds
  • Buses inspected and qualified by NIS
  • Direct liaison with parents
  • Competitive bus fees paid by parents
  • Bus will park inside the school for on off of students
  • Bus supervisor in charge of children's safety while driving
  • Special care for students younger than grade 1
  • Trained and reliable bus drivers
  • Strict maintenance and safety checks
  • Full insurance coverage
  • First aids kits included
  • GPS following detectors
  • Bus services manager liaison with parents and school management
  • School trips available upon request

Reliable Drivers

  • Over 3 years driving experience with legal driving license
  • Health, polite, uniform costume
  • Well trained of service manners
  • Check tires, measure the tread depth and check condition and air pressure
  • Check water levels in window washing system
  • Check spare tire pressure and condition
  • Check oil level
  • Check operation of all lights
  • Any repair due to aforesaid inspection will be completed immediately
  • No smoking before
  • No cell phone call during driving
  • Safely driving training
  • Emergency training

Patient Ayis

  • Responsible for counting and checking students
  • To assure the safety of onboard students while driving
  • Healthy, polite, with uniform costume and mobile phone
  • Well trained of service manners
  • Responsible for timely contact and deal with emergencies and on aboard affairs
  • Primary medical emergency training
  • Accompany younger students to and from bus stop to class rooms

Fully Qualified Buses

  • Change lubricant and pipe filter, and clean aircon filter regularly
  • Change the aircon filter regularly. Clean the aircon fitler before switch cooling and heating system
  • Change wheels regularly (remarks: the brad and type are inaccordance with the original wheel; exchange the front-wheel and trailing wheel regularly)
  • Change the brake regularly. Check the thickness of brake regularly to assure the safety of driving
  • Change batteries regularly
  • Completely Inspect the vehicle after mileage of 80,000km, maintenance according to the situation
  • Check supply of lubricant, brake oil, antifreeze, and air pressure of wheel regularly