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Voices of Learning: The NIS 3-way Conference

Nanjing International School is redefining the traditional parent-teacher conference with a 3-way Conference model that actively engages students, parents, and teachers in a collaborative discussion about student progress and future aspirations. This model shifts the focus from a one-sided conversation to a holistic dialogue where each party has an equal stake in the student's educational journey.

Mr. Kasson Bratton, Director of Learning at NIS, emphasises the significance of these interactions: “3-way conferences are days set aside for vital conversations about learning. We strive to place students at the heart of these discussions. They're not just another school day; they are a pivotal moment for students to voice their experiences and reflections on their personal learning paths."

The adoption of 3-way conferences reflects a broader movement among International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools, where the equal partnership of students, parents, and teachers is integral to the learning and evaluation process. NIS’s approach aligns with the ethos of empowering student agency, ensuring that the student is always the focal point of their educational narrative.

During these conferences, parents engage actively, listening and posing questions to understand their child's perspective. Teachers guide the conversation, ensuring the student's learning experience is at the forefront while also aiding in the reflection process.

“These conferences place our students at the core of progress and reporting,” said Mr. Bratton. “They also forge stronger bonds between home and school, allowing students to build a united front of support in their educational endeavours.”

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