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Their Journeys Continue: Senior Send-off 2024

Our PAC Foyer was abuzz with excitement as Grade 12 parents and Secondary teachers chatted with one another in anticipation, bouquets and smartphones at the ready. At the same time, our soon-to-be graduates were preparing for the procession that would begin their transition from NIS students to alumni during Senior Send-off.

“Senior Send-off was a wonderful showcase of the NIS community, highlighting the incredible achievements of the Grade 12s through their work on their Global Citizen Diplomas and the positive impact they have had on all of us,” said Ms. Sara Morrow, NIS Secondary Principal. “It was a joyful celebration and the perfect way to send them off as they prepare for the next steps of their IBDP journeys.”

Class of 2024’s Valedictorian, Hyemin, gave a speech reflecting on academic challenge, cultural exchange, and enriching moments for seniors during their time at NIS:

“One of the most significant lessons I learned from my two years in the IBDP was that while it is essential to seize the opportunities that strive for and strive for excellence, it is equally crucial to embrace failure as a chance for growth and to eagerly grasp for the next opportunity that comes our way.”

While our Grade 12s will soon be heading off to top universities around the world, their formal graduation is still weeks away. Senior Send-off is a wonderful tradition at NIS where our entire inclusive learning community celebrates the achievements of our Grade 12s and shares memories of their time with us. It’s an opportunity for all our students, from Early Years to rising Grade 11s, to witness and be a special part of the culmination of our graduates’ learning journey at NIS.

“You have distinguished yourselves in the classroom, on the stage, in the gym, on the pitch, and in the pool, while discovering China, exhibiting your creativity, your global citizenship, and supporting one another along this journey,” said Mr. Kasson Bratton, NIS Director of Learning. “We are so proud of you. We gather here today to celebrate you for two important reasons. The first is to honour your past. The second is to let you know that we support you. Please know that our support does not stop today. We are all behind you with collective love, positivity, and confidence in your abilities. When you find challenge, difficulty, or fatigue, please know we are here rooting for you because that's what it means to be part of this community.”

For our seniors, it was also the end of their Global Citizen Diploma (GCD) journey, where they received their certificates of completion on stage. The GCD programme is a validation of activities and experiences that students do in addition to their academic pursuits. Students are encouraged to burst the bubble while they express their voice and choice in the experiences that allow them to achieve personal excellence – all while encouraging reflection, learning, and connection.

“Though we speak different languages and embark on diverse futures, we are fortunate to have crossed paths here embracing diversity, excelling in our academic pursuits, fostering love and trust among one another, and nurturing open minds that welcome the richness of different perspectives,” said Hyemin.

We look forward to the Class of 2024 graduation ceremony at the end of May!


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