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The HUB: Our Learning Space Philosophy

Imagine an innovative, multi-level learning space that puts Student Voice and Student Choice at the heart of our school. This August, we’re looking forward to the HUB inspiring our students and connecting their learning across our campus and the world. Join us on the journey of this new space to learn more, from inception and philosophy to design and construction!

We don’t want to design a school that just looks pretty; it must help us in what we’re trying to achieve. We want to create spaces that amplify existing teaching and learning practices of which we’re proud, and which help us to develop new competencies in the years to come.

How might we design a space that amplifies those practices, a space that helps rather than hinders our ongoing efforts to put Student Voice and Student Choice at the centre of things? The HUB is the physical representation of inclusivity at NIS: It is a space across the school that is open to every single member of our community.

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The HUB: Dear Architect

In 2017, our students and consultants at NoTosh helped to create “Dear Architect: A Vision for Our Future School.” They envisioned a flexible, inclusive library space forNIS, blending traditional curation with creativity, emphasising safety, visibility, cultural inclusion, and efficient resource management.

NIS Ranked as a Top International School by Forbes China, #1 in Nanjing

NIS was recently ranked 21st among the top international schools in China by Forbes China in its 2024 China Foreign Passport School Annual Selection. This prestigious recognition places NIS as the highest-ranked international school in Nanjing, highlighting our commitment to academic excellence, holistic student development, and innovative learning environments.

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