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Serve, Spike, Match! NIS Hosts ACAMIS Volleyball Tournament

Nanjing International School recently hosted the ACAMIS Orange Division Volleyball Tournament, uniting six schools in a spirited display of teamwork and athletic prowess for the first time since January 2020. The event featured Secondary Boys and Girls teams from NIS, Harrow Beijing, the International School of Tianjin, Hong Kong Academy, the International School of Macao, and Shekou International School.

Showcasing our school’s Athletics ethos of teamwork, respect, and commitment, the tournament provided a platform for athletes to engage in friendly, inclusive competition. Participants and spectators alike witnessed a series of competitive matches that highlighted the dedication of players from every school.

The weekend-long event culminated in a thrilling final. Our Girls and Boys teams fought hard, and our Girls had the distinction of most sporting by winning the Spirit of ACAMIS Award. NIS congratulates all teams and looks forward to future tournaments that celebrate the unifying power of sports.

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