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Physics in Motion: NIS Catapults

Let fly! In a recent exploration of Physics and Engineering, Secondary students in the signature NIS Design Science course put theory into action. Delving deep into physics simulations and projectile motion, these young minds have crafted an array of pencil catapults, exemplifying the seamless blend of scientific inquiry with a student-led creative design process.

The project, following our school's emphasis on hands-on learning, challenged students to rely solely on their knowledge and discussions about energy changes, without the aid of physics simulation research. This unique constraint ignited the spark of personal excellence, driving Design students to draw upon their creativity and innovative spirit. Take a look at the process from start to launch!

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NIS Achieves Triple Re-Accreditation Milestone

We are proud to announce that Nanjing International School has completed its comprehensive re-accreditation process by the Council of International Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and the International Baccalaureate.

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