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NIS Playgroup is Back!

The Nanjing International School Playgroup has returned with on-campus sessions for children aged 1-3. For our first gathering, a group of parents from NIS and the wider Nanjing community accompanied their young ones for a morning filled with fun and educational activities. The event kicked off in the NIS Centre building, where a variety of toys and games were set up for the children's entertainment and learning.

While the toddlers engaged in play, parents had the opportunity to mingle and enjoy refreshments, with NIS staff present to assist and participate in the activities. The group later transitioned to our school’s multi-award-winning Early Years Centre, where Angela Romero, school librarian, delighted the children with a storytelling session. Ms. Romero also took the time to speak with parents, offering valuable insights on nurturing early literacy skills.

The day's activities also included a visit to the NIS library, where families could browse and select books to take home and help foster a love for reading. The NIS Playgroup aims to host weekly gatherings, promising a mix of physical and educational play that will benefit both children and their parents.

Are you a parent in Nanjing interested in joining? Check out our poster below!


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