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NIS Hosts 2024 ACAMIS Chinese Conference

Nanjing International School hosted the 2024 ACAMIS Chinese Conference with the theme of "Investigation, Integration, and Action". It was the most well-attended ACAMIS Chinese conference of all time, full of engagement and participation from representatives of 70 schools across the country.

“This conference emphasised the importance of pooling wisdom, seeking knowledge, and taking action in education,” said event organiser Ms. Zhang Bo, Deputy Primary Principal and Mandarin Teacher at NIS.

For the first time, student-led workshop sessions were introduced to the ACAMIS Chinese Conference, adding the dynamic element of Student Voice to the event. Four NIS students shared their experiences in learning Mandarin and presented teaching methods and educational solutions under the guidance of their teachers. This innovative addition provided valuable insights and enriched the overall conference experience.

Participants discussed the evolving landscape of Chinese language education, emphasising the need for personalized learning, exploration of literary works, and deeper understanding beyond traditional practices. Students expressed the desire for continued support, meaningful learning opportunities, and exploration of diverse topics aligned with their interests.

“The conference concluded with a sense of achievement and optimism for the future of Chinese language education,” said Ms. Zhang. “Participants commended our inclusive and innovative approach adopted at the event, our welcoming school culture, and how well-organised it was. We’re proud to help pave the way for collaborative learning and growth across the education sector in China and beyond.”

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