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NIS Earth Week Champions UNSDGs

Nanjing International School celebrated Earth Week with a series of engaging and informative activities designed to enhance environmental awareness and promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) among our students and inclusive learning community. This annual event underscored NIS’s commitment to inspiring academic excellence while nurturing well-rounded, global citizens who contribute positively to the world.

“In the IB Middle Years Programme, our students learn to make a positive impact through our Service as Action programme and their dedication to helping others,” said Ms. Anna Yuen, NIS Activities Director. “From grades 6 to 10, students have been working hard on projects that help their community, the world, or the environment. They use what they know to solve real problems in our community.”

NIS Earth Week was filled with these student-led initiatives. Members from various Service groups, including e-Waste, Green Cities, Art Collective, Lion’s Honey, Pfrang Association, and 10000 Steps, took the lead in organising events and workshops. These activities not only showcased student leadership but also allowed them to express their passions for environmental stewardship and community engagement.

A major highlight of Earth Week was the focus on practical, hands-on experiences. Shifts of students set up and participated in various booths on campus to share knowledge and encourage sustainable habits among peers of all ages. The interactive sessions included demonstrations on waste reduction, energy conservation, and the importance of biodiversity.

Central to the week’s events was the theme of "Bursting the Bubble," a component of the award-winning NIS Strategy. Students were encouraged to step beyond our school gates and engage with the wider community to apply their learned UNSDG practices in broader contexts and promote a more profound impact on environmental conservation efforts.

“Our way of teaching encourages students to work together for the common good. Our students have a chance to make a big difference in our school and beyond,” said Ms. Yuen. “Even small actions like recycling, saving energy, or planting a tree are important for taking care of our planet. When each of us does our part, we help make the Earth a better place for everyone.”

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