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NIS Achieves Triple Re-Accreditation Milestone

We are proud to announce that Nanjing International School has completed its comprehensive re-accreditation process by the Council of International Schools (CIS), Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and the International Baccalaureate (IB). This triple accreditation represents the gold standard in international education, distinguishing NIS as a leader in excellence and innovation and reaffirming our commitment to providing the highest quality teaching and learning.

Our re-accreditation process with CIS, WASC, and the IB involved months of self-study that culminated in an in-depth evaluation by a team of global education professionals. This group assessed every facet of our school operations, from academic rigour and governance to student welfare and facility management. The process not only validated our adherence to the highest international standards but also offered a detailed external review of our practices. The participation of our entire community – including staff, students, and parents – in this rigorous evaluation, underscored our holistic approach to education and dedication to continuous improvement.

“NIS is a well-established school with a strong purpose, visionary governance, excellent teachers, and exemplary financial planning. This foundation has helped the school navigate significant demographic shifts, a global pandemic, and economic volatility all while continuing campus improvement projects, making headway in strategic initiatives, and providing high-quality teaching and learning to its students. As the school celebrated its 30th year there is a recognition of the importance of NIS to the Nanjing community.”

-Council of International Schools/Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Inclusion is at the heart of the school's identity. From admissions to graduation and beyond, the school is committed to inclusion which transcends simply meeting the learning needs of every student but extends to embracing diversity and consolidating a sense of belonging…The community believes that opportunities should exist for all learners to grow and achieve. All students have the right to realise their full potential. This belief embodies the school’s mission and helps drive its ongoing strategy.

-International Baccalaureate

Holding accreditations from CIS, WASC, and the IB is particularly significant for our students, as it ensures that their education at NIS is not only of the highest standard but also recognised by top universities around the world. Our unique position as the sole international school in Nanjing to be triple-accredited is a testament to our mission of inspiring international mindedness, personal excellence, and creative thinking.

As we enter 2024, our re-accreditation stands as a testament to past accomplishments and an important guide toward a future of continued excellence and growth for NIS.

For more information about our accreditation and what it means for our community, click here.

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