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Making Waves: Early Years Swim Showcase

Our annual Early Years Swim Showcase delights both our youngest students and parents. This year, students from Pre-K to Grade 1 demonstrated their swimming skills and water confidence in our school's main swimming pool and learner pool. The Showcase is an inclusive event, ensuring that every young swimmer can participate and shine, regardless of their ability.

Students demonstrated various swimming techniques they had been learning throughout the school year. From floating and kicking to basic strokes, each child had a chance to display their progress. The showcase not only highlighted student swimming abilities but also emphasised the importance of water safety and fun. Teachers and swimming coaches were on hand to support and guide the children in a safe and encouraging environment.

“Our Aquatics Team brings out the best in every swimmer by creating safe stepping stones for our students to improve throughout the year and that progress is what they are proudly presenting to their parents today,’’ said our Aquatics Director, Mr. Niels Loos.

Events like the Early Years Swim Showcase are crucial in promoting physical education and building self-confidence in young learners. Whether in the water, on the field, or in the gym, NIS is committed to fostering a holistic educational experience where students are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones, explore, and develop their skills in a supportive community.

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