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Igniting Curiosity: Early Years Visit Fire Station

Who are we? How do we organize ourselves? Early Years students at Nanjing International School visited a local Xianlin Fire Station to help answer these questions as part of their ongoing IB Primary Years Programme Units of Inquiry.

The fire station visit was an opportunity for our youngest students to interact with firefighters, delve into fire safety practices, and explore firefighting equipment. The trip aligned with our school Strategy of “Burst the Bubble” as it encouraged students to step outside their comfort zone and connect across cultures and perspectives. “Student Voice and Student Choice” was also an important part of the project, as learners helped organize the activities of the trip based on their inquiries – for example, how do firefighters live and work? Could they show us how to put out a real fire? Do all fire stations around the world have dogs?

The children were thrilled to have their voices heard, their questions answered, and the chance to learn more about firefighters – and their own role in fire safety.

Field trips like the Early Years fire station visit underscore the NIS commitment to real-world learning for all ages, demonstrating the benefits of hands-on experiences in fostering curiosity, responsibility, and a sense of community among learners.

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