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HUBdate: At the Heart of our School

As we approach the grand opening of the HUB, our new multi-level learning space at Nanjing International School, our entire community is looking forward to its unveiling in August. Designed to foster innovation and collaborative learning, the HUB represents the culmination of years of planning and development to put Student Voice and Student Choice at the heart of all that we do.

Final Stages of Construction

The HUB is nearly complete, pending final safety approvals from the firefighting authorities. The carpet has been laid, electronics installed, and finishing touches are being applied. The primary elements awaiting installation are the furniture and the thoughtful arrangement of books.

"The furniture and the distribution of books will significantly impact the feel and functionality of the space," said Mr. Laurie McLellan, NIS School Director. "Some areas are designed for book storage and student access, while others are intended for collaborative work. We’re waiting for students to start using the space to see how it evolves."

Experimentation and Flexible Use

The HUB's flexible design encourages both structured and free-form use.

"We're eager to see how teachers and students utilize the variety of spaces within the HUB," Mr. McLellan noted. "We anticipate some teachers will want to conduct seminars or classes there, which may lead to adjustments in the schedule to maximize the HUB's potential."

The 2024-25 arrival of our new Director of Learning, Ms. Sandra Chow, with her background in technology and innovation, will be invaluable in helping to integrate the HUB's capabilities with our school's broader educational goals.

"We're looking forward to her insights and how she can help realize the full potential of the HUB," said Mr. McLellan.

Reflecting on the Journey

The HUB's design aims to de-institutionalize the school environment, making it a more organic and flexible space. Our goal is that the HUB will inspire a continuous flow of students and staff, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving learning environment.

According to Mr. McLellan, the HUB also offers the possibility to repurpose other areas of the school. If the new space proves successful and certain spaces become redundant, it opens up opportunities to redesign those areas to better support learning.

“It’s my hope that schools just simply do not look like what people think schools look like,” said Mr. McLellan, “and they are comfortable places for everyone to learn in different ways.”

As we await the start of this new chapter in NIS history, the possibilities seem endless, and the journey has only just begun!


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