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Grade 3 Shares the Planet

When we live in a city of millions, how are we still interconnected with nature? Grade 3 at NIS launched their new Unit of Inquiry, “Sharing the Planet”, with a field trip to the beautiful parks and grounds of Mingxiao Ling on Qixia Mountain. Our students immersed themselves in nature, all while recording their thoughts and observations for later reflection about their connection with the natural world.

Like all International Baccalaureate Units of Inquiry, this ongoing curricular investigation emphasises our award-winning school strategy of Student Voice and Student Choice as well as Bursting the Bubble. Through discussions, activities, and journaling, Grade 3 students will express their views and engage in actions for sustainability – fostering a sense of global citizenship and stewardship for the planet.

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Early Years Exhibition: Learning Comes to Life!

NIS Primary School proudly hosted its inaugural Early Years Exhibition, an inspiring event for parents that connected and showcased the profound learning journeys of our youngest students. The exhibition embodied our innovative Early Years philosophy through a vibrant range of student-driven projects, reflecting the depth and breadth of early childhood curiosity, intellect, and creativity.

Graduation: Presenting The Class of 2024

The Class of 2024 is one that is embarking on incredible journeys around the world – to their choice of top universities, internship and employment opportunities, or personal adventures and discovery during a gap year. Graduation is a time for our school to celebrate the achievements and memories of our seniors as we say farewell to them as students.

Making Waves: Early Years Swim Showcase

Our annual Early Years Swim Showcase delights both our youngest students and parents. This year, students from Pre-K to Grade 1 demonstrated their swimming skills and water confidence in our school's main swimming pool and learner pool. The Showcase is an inclusive event, ensuring that every young swimmer can participate and shine, regardless of their ability.

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