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Grade 3 Huashu Village Art Visit

Grade 3 students from Nanjing International School embarked on an educational journey to Huashu Village, delving deep into the world of art. The trip was part of their International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme Unit of Inquiry "How We Express Ourselves."

With the central idea “A work of art may be the product of complex processes” guiding their explorations, students aimed to understand the elements of art and the intricate process artists undergo in their creations. By connecting with local artists on-site, the students learned firsthand about the dedication, inspiration, and cultural nuance integral to the artistic process.

Furthermore, the experience was not just about learning art techniques but also about understanding the myriad of perspectives an artwork can evoke. Students were encouraged to develop their own questions, fostering a dialogue with the artists to grasp the depth of their inspiration and expression.

This unit not only enriched students' appreciation for art but also emphasized the value of trial and error in learning and the importance of being open to perspectives and cultures different from their own.

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