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Grade 12 Visual Arts Exhibition 2024

Our seniors showcased their fantastic work and learning to our community in this year’s G12 Visual Arts Exhibition. Thought-provoking, deeply personal themes like ‘Self-Control’, ‘Break Down, Build Up’, and ‘Quietude’ explored health, mental, and social issues through the medium of art. In a new and even more accessible location in the Centre Café, Grade 12 artists spoke to teachers, peers, and parents about their work, inspiration, and the meaning behind it.

“The best part about the DP Visual Arts Programme is that I get to develop a close teacher-student relationship with each of my students”, said Visual Arts Teacher Ms. Sandy Kuan. “Through our one-to-one and group conversations, students reflect upon their own ideas, opinions, and recall personal stories that speak to their own individuality. This is apparent not only in the different themes that they have selected, but in the varied art form and media that they have each chosen to tell their stories as well, ranging from graphite drawings, acrylic and Chinese ink paintings, textile art, clay sculptures, to photography, installations, and video art.”

This year’s Grade 12 artist cohort is especially memorable for Mr. Kuan because they were in her art class since 7th Grade.

“I have witnessed how they have grown over the past 6 years into thoughtful, skilled, and self-disciplined artists. The huge success of the art exhibition is a true testament to their talent, hard work, and dedication and they deserve all the accolades that they have received.”

Aspiring student artists in Grade 11 were also in attendance and learned a great deal from the showcase – how to curate artworks from their collection, write their exhibition texts along with the curatorial rationale, and practice “art talk” with visitors.

At Nanjing International School, our IB Diploma Programme’s Visual Arts encourages our students to challenge their own creative boundaries and cultural expectations. In it, students engage in, experiment with, and critically reflect on a wide range of contemporary practices and media. They develop analytical skills in problem-solving and divergent thinking, all while working towards their own technical proficiency and confidence as artists – and the empowerment of their voice through that art.


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