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G10 Student Passions: Personal Project Expo

This March, our Grade 10s demonstrated impressive self-directed learning through the 2024 Personal Project. Each student chose a project that showcased their individual passions and interests, culminating in both a creative product and a display of the skills that they have honed throughout the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). As the capstone of the MYP, this project serves as a prelude to the rigorous IB Diploma Programme that students will take on in Grades 11 and 12.

Highlighting our school's strategic emphasis on Student Voice and Student Choice, the Personal Project is a platform for learners to express their unique interests.

"After months of work, the culminating event in the Exhibition is such a proud moment for all involved in the Personal Project," said Ms. Anita Claasz, Secondary Teacher and Personal Project Coordinator at Nanjing International School. "I love seeing the uniqueness of the students, especially in regard to the diverse and surprising topics they choose.”

Grade 10 students embraced a wide array of topics, from engineering and architecture to anxiety and self-care, stock investment and advertising to chemistry and veterinary medicine. Their journey through the Personal Project helped cement their Approaches to Learning Skills (ATLs) acquired during the MYP – critical thinking, research, communication, self-management, and more.

The excitement was palpable at the Personal Project Exhibition, where students showcased their innovative products to our school and its diverse community, including peers, parents, and faculty.

“It’s great watching the students engage with others across our school community to talk passionately about their projects at the Exhibition,” said. Ms. Claasz. “My favorite quote this year is from a Grade 3 student who stated that they ‘…didn’t know that just anyone could make a game!’ The smiles, laughter, and relief are signs of a job well done.”

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