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End of Year Community Theatre

Theatre is a great way to bring different sections of the school together in a joyful and meaningful way!

This month, NIS Drama students in Grade 8, 9, and 10 gave performances of their collaborative work to audiences of younger peers in Primary and Secondary. Grade 10 wrote their own stories based on the choices given to them by Early Years students, showcasing 8 skits that were wonderfully appreciated. Grade 8 performed 3 original pantomimes for Grade 1, who were also a very lively and interactive audience. Finally, Grade 9 students self-directed and performed 3 shortened works of Shakespeare that were shown to Grade 8 English classes as part of their unit on the famous playwright.

“This was a challenging project and our Drama students worked very hard to present animated and engaging performances,” said Ms. Annie Philip, NIS Drama and Theatre Teacher. “These have been great, not only for the audiences watching, but also for our drama students who gain authentic performance experience in front of a live audience, which helps them to perform to the best of their abilities.”

More News

The HUB: Dear Architect

In 2017, our students and consultants at NoTosh helped to create “Dear Architect: A Vision for Our Future School.” They envisioned a flexible, inclusive library space forNIS, blending traditional curation with creativity, emphasising safety, visibility, cultural inclusion, and efficient resource management.

NIS Ranked as a Top International School by Forbes China, #1 in Nanjing

NIS was recently ranked 21st among the top international schools in China by Forbes China in its 2024 China Foreign Passport School Annual Selection. This prestigious recognition places NIS as the highest-ranked international school in Nanjing, highlighting our commitment to academic excellence, holistic student development, and innovative learning environments.

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